Antarctica Continuing To Get Hit With High Number of Meteors




Schumann Resonance ~ 11/26/17


One last post before I go to sleep.  The non-stop spikes continue into a new day…


Latest Q for 11/25/17


My mate says these are military activation orders.


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Schumann ~ 11/24/17


Yeah~ as they said:  SPEECHLESS.  !!!  Of an interesting note:  my mate and I both had dreams where we were reclaiming our Freedom.  And when I checked my social media page, “Q” updates were about regime change and Freedom.


RS Today’s Peaks:

  • Well, in front of this chart today we are speachless, practically from 2:00 am UTC until now the frequeancy obscillations has been massive. We shall se how this will progress in the next hours/days. Of course it’s useless to ask the Quackademics as they have no idea of what this Resonance is.

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Schumann Resonance ~ 11/24/17


Solar Winds ~ 11/24/17


Meteor Hits in Antarctica ~ OFF THE CHARTS!


Something told me to check the Davis Meteor Radar and so I did.  Over 11,000 ~ absolutely unheard of.  Highest read I have seen. Not that I follow, but I saw Cobra has a piece out today titled “The Battle for Antarctica”. Coincidence?

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Meteor detection sky map.

Solar Wind Stream ~ And Wow The Energy Feels DENSE


I don’t much understand these charts.  I know when the colorful lines spike, we have some strong energies floating around.  The orange line indicates density.  Interesting as I awoke this morning and leaned on the counter in the kitchen and announced to my mate “wow the energy feels dense today”. Very heavy thick syrupy.  Getting on a social media page one of the posts comes up and says “the energies on the east coast are very dense today!”  I’m on the west coast, but such energies are planetary, imho.  The orange line may indicate a different kind of “density” but since it’s showing continuous spikes and I and others are feeling “denseness” around, I’m sticking w/my theory. lol



Schumann ~ 11/22/17


calling upon those long white spikes that cover the entire image…

Solar Winds


An uptick…