More Energy Signatures Showing Up On The Mimic Array ~ Origin: Antarctica


With the ongoing meteor bombardment plus the latest discovery of a highly unusual hole showing up down there, we are left to wonder:  What the heaven is going on down in Antarctica?!


Massive energy pulse above both Atlantic and Pacific Oceans! – Origin Antarctica

Published on Oct 11, 2017

Schumann Resonance Today ~ October 11, 2017


kapow kapow wowzer!  this feels wonderful.  feel i am opening up a new door within ~ exploring new “feels” and getting expanded insights.  also working on my ability to move objects and create the space i want.  last night i switched from using my hand to my mind – and with intense focus it worked.  starting off small.  enjoy these frequencies.


Antarctica Meteor Read Update


8624.  Okay now…


Schumann Resonance ~ Oct. 9, 2017


i am so very tuned into these frequencies ~ i can now wake up and just know by feeling how much gaia is a-spikin’.  this morning i awoke and knew it was not as intense as yesterday (which i now like and prefer those intense/ongoing spikes – feels very natural to my Inner Me).  I am creating and manifesting a solid line of white.  


Schumann Resonance ~ October 8, 2017


apparently i am, overall, used to this.  i go within to experience the effects – and it is a nice zone.  


Schumann Resonance ~ Oct. 7, 2017


I awoke this morning and told my mate “the schumann is really spiking right now”.  It’s just an inner experience I am tuned into – I feel some symptoms but it is my emotional experience that is different.  My Soul loves these energy frequencies and as a result I just feel more relaxed, serene to the point of blissful sleepiness.  I also had beautiful amazing dreams early this morning of my hands glowing, a big awakening and having a conversation with Tom Petty.  


Schumann Resonance ~ 10/4/2017


the blackened portion is for tomorrow.  the spikin’ over 40hz continues.   feeling nauseous today, body discomfort, extreme fatigue at the moment – very sensitive to the energies of low vibrational people.  saw such a person on my walk and put “go that way” (away from where i was walking) and she did.  exceedingly in need of quiet and wow am i getting tired of being asked questions of ANY kind.  the desire to return to my homeland has returned again today – very strongly.  i am weary of this “waiting” experience.  i am not enjoying it.  i find little things to occupy me away from that emotional state but it is still there and has remained there for this lifetime and today has returned strongly.  after 51 years, i am in need of the NEW – NOW.  not when it’s convenient for the masses to “get it” and be prepared for it – but NOW.  service to self – gotta take care of ME because no one else is going to do that.  and ME needs liberation and healing and freedom.  NOW.  in a nutshell i am feeling my human self as well as the rest of me – whoever she is – wherever she is from.  it’s a complex relationship.  lol

be well ya’all.  


Schumann Resonance Today ~ October 3, 2017


Antarctica Meteor Update ~ October 2, 2017


Until proven otherwise, this remains an unusual phenomenon to me. 7608 in the last 24 hours (10/2-10/3).  Also including some additional graphs (anyone know how to interpret?)  




Schumann Resonance Today ~ October 2, 2017


i know i am not the only one feeling the collective energies of today ~ certainly here in the states after the violence last night in nevada.  i have a friend from school days who was there, reporting live, so i was brought into this in a way i am not accustomed to.  she was ok – hiding in a casino which was on lock down.  many thoughts run through my mind of which i will write up about later.  overall it is still my focus to clear and focus on what i want.  much love to us all.  gaia continues on (as you can see below) and so must ~ and will ~ we all…