Schumann Resonance ~ 12/22/17


Schumann Resonance ~ Gaia’s Heartbeat for 12/16/17


Sourced from here.

Schumann Resonance ~ 12/15/17


Now we’re talkin’!  T/Y Galactic Cosmos and Gaia.  


Schumann Resonance ~ 12/13/17


Well finally after several calm days, she is rising again nicely!  Thank you more please!


Schumann Resonance ~ 12/11/17


Some Interesting Occurrences On Gaia ~ Shared w/Pictures


Some interesting reads on the heliplots.  The read in the Yucatan was seen earlier this year for awhile so interesting that this signature has returned. Also interesting to see similar reads in the southeast U.S.  And the meteor count continues to remain elevated in Antarctica…


Schumann Resonance ~ 12/8/17


Schumann Resonance 12/7/17


Some spiking, as I read, up to 40hz.  Feeling something “different” today and will write about that later.

Schumann Resonance ~ 12/5/17


Schumann Resonance 12/4/17


As small as these jumps are today, I am feeling them.  Very sleepy and little appetite.  Will write/share more later.