Schumann Resonance ~ 10/30/2017 ~ And A Bit of Sharing…


Quieter today, which is interesting as I am feeling my heartache I have carried through this lifetime – and most likely all previous lifetimes after this manipulated “fall”.  This realm is the hell we read about and those of us who remember Paradise (while in physical form) know it.  Many of us have carried the thought and the feelings around “I want to go home” and many of us have been chastised for it, judged, told Home is always within when we KNOW it is much more than that.  We are not little islands. Playing these games of illusion – which is what they are – games – not based on any Truth as to who we really are – are over for us.  We know we can no longer participate.  We know what we want and desire.  The return of what was stolen, taken from us.  There is no work to do other than to accept where we are, who we are and help one another heal until we break out of this false paradigm (which yes can be any moment now, right??!!).

I awoke this morning after having such a beautiful dream where I had followed something my heart longed for.  The results in my feeling body were beautiful and open.  At least I am thankful the wall of anger around my heart has opened again and the beauty of pain that comes through tears is felt.

I am Amazing.  I only wish I had begun to remember/know that decades ago.

Schumann ~ 10/29/17


Bring it.  Get it done.  Pull back the curtain.  End the illusion.


Schuman Resonance for 10/27 and 10/28



Schumann Resonance. 10/25/17


Editor’s note:  Hmm.  I seem to not be “feeling” these spikes this week. Likely due to my mood which is somber.  I’m about as shut down as a human being can be.  Truly in a “why bother” state.  Carved a pumpkin last night and disliked the entire experience.  Watching The Truman Show just confirmed what I have felt for so long:  most people in this reality of illusion are fake and inauthentic.  I keep telling myself another thought around that one but I am not going to lie to myself just to make myself feel better.  He found his way out his matrix.  I’m looking for the same “door”.  Today is a new day…



Schumann Resonance ~ 10/23/2017


Editor’s note:  Well here you go.  Not feeling a connection with these spikes the past few days.  Will link an article later today that resonated very much with where I am right now ~ feeling a lot of inner gunk, lots of emotions coming up.  Let’s just say it was nice to hear that raising your vibes ain’t always the answer.  At times we just gotta sit with it.  Be with it.  For that IS love.



Schumann ~ 10/21/17


Nothing significant…


Schumann Resonance 10/20/2017



Schumann Resonance ~ 10/19/17


I knew awakening there were a lot more intense spikes.  Today I feel that as aches in my body so heat and massage are forthcoming.  


Schumann Resonance ~ 10/18/17


There is weirdness in the air today.  We had a strange emergency broadcast system warning from the national weather service.  They said it was a required regular test.  We have never had one of those “tests”.  


Schumann Res ~ 10/17/17