Schumann ~ 11/22/17


calling upon those long white spikes that cover the entire image…

Solar Winds


An uptick…

Schumann Resonance ~ 11/17/17


Davis Meteor Radar Read out of Antarctica ~ Still Very High Level Read


I decided to check this out again yesterday and then again tonight. Yesterday it was around 8500.  Today ~ 9477.  Still have no explanation…  Just my pondering curiosity and conspiratorial searching mind…



Schumann ~ 11/15/17


Got some more spiking above 40hz going on…

Schumann ~ 11/13/17


Schumann ~ 11/12


Schumann Resonance ~ 11/10/17


Perhaps I will stop w/the days and just saying “here’s the schumann for now”. Big spikes!


Schumann Resonance ~ November 8, 2017


Not much happenin’ here…

Schumann for 11/4/17 ~ And a Thought on the Timelines


This morning my mate and I realized halloween felt like it occurred about 2 weeks ago.  To our bodies it did.  To the calendar of course it was just 4 days ago.  Another experience felt “off” too with the calendar dates.  Also noticing a personal issue with my body telling me “time” is about a week off, again according to the calendar and artificial construct called 3d time.

We discussed again the timeline anomaly we experienced during the world series game (which as well feels like it was well over a week ago but was of course just 3 days ago).

We are headed to that zero point.  I see it.  I feel it.