Schumann Resonance Today ~ August 12, 2017


And we’re back at it again…

Schumann Resonance Today

Schumann Resonance Today ~ August 11, 2017


I can feel the “break”.  It actually feels like we jumped into someplace new last night.  I felt it around 1am.  Strange sensation…


Schumann Resonance Today

Schumann Resonance ~ August 10, 2017


This is getting quite predictable…

Schumann Resonance Today

Schumann Resonance Today ~ August 9, 2017


Editor’s note:  Ok here we go again.  Break.  SLAM.  Break.  SLAM.  Today is a SLAM.  Feeling it.  Allowing it.  Accepting what’s coming up for me – residual FUCK YOU energies. Aimed at the system.  The controllers.  At the enslavers.  No getting my forgiveness love today ~ today I am sending out my anger ~ putting it back on them where they can go implode for all I care.  Just go away NOW and let the rest of us deserving of peace NOW ALONE.  Just remember ~ these folks have practiced alchemy for eons.  WE HAVE THE SAME POWER.  Remember.  Know it. All of us.  Magical Beings.  Master Creator’s.  Forget these Ascended Master channeling’s.  WE ARE ALL ASCENDED MASTERS.  And one who is TRULY a Master knows this and thus greets ALL as equals.  Blah….here is the graph.  lol


Schumann Resonance Today

Excellent Video Explaining The Schumann Resonance And Those Spikes


Thank you to reader Catherine for sending me this one.  Very insightful explanation.  

What Schumann Resonance SPIKES Mean

Schumann Resonance Today ~ August 8, 2017


Roaring with the Lion’s Gate Portal.  I did see a video last night however that says the full alignment in Sirius does not occur until August 22. Either way, roar on folks.  And interesting read today.  Wonder what’s up with this brown line? Hmmm…  After a lot of rest/sleep yesterday and intense purging/releasing, body and thus ME feels better today.


Schumann Resonance Today

Schumann Resonance Today ~ August 5, 2017


A reprieve from Gaia, I see…  It was interesting to note in conversations yesterday how many said “i slept all day” or “i feel so groggy”.  Ground. Drink water.  Rest.  Repeat.


Schumann Resonance Today

Schumann Resonance Today ~ August 5, 2017 !!!


HOLY SMOKAROONIE KAPOW SQUARED!  WOW!!  Mind…blown… Constant peak above 40hz??  How are you all feeling?


Schumann Resonance Today

RS Base Frequency 7.83 Hz.

RS Today’s Peaks:

  • From 22:00 UTC od 8/4 to 04:00 UTC of 8/5 Constantly Above 40 Hz
  • From 13::00 to 15:30 UTC Several Peaks Above 40 H

Sourced from here.

GeoMagnetic Storms Have Arrived With The First August Eclipse Coming August 7th/ Total Eclipse August 21st/ Lions Gate Continues


By Diane Canfield 


We now have Geomagnetic Storms that have arrived along with increased Solar Wind. Solar wind is now over 700 and rising. These storms can and are effecting our sleep patterns. You may find yourself asleep for a few hours needing to get up and then after a few hours up going back to sleep again. Intense dreams usually accompany these storms We had a few high energy days before these storms hit and today was a very low energy day. Today was the exact opposite as the storms came and it seemed impossible to get anything done. You may find others mood changing when these storms occur as many get crabby and short tempered. When this happens revert back to your sacred space and rebalance your energy before going back out. Remember to drink lots of water during these times of Geo storms, Energy Increases, Fluctuations and ground daily.

The first eclipse is coming August 7th and this will create a GATEWAY for the BIG  Total Eclipse of August 21st. I will be doing my next interview August 7th with Charlotte View Discussing this Eclipse Gateway we are just about to enter into. You can find the link to this show here. The first Eclipse is the partial LUNAR Eclipse on August 7th entering the gateway. The Second Eclipse is a TOTAL SOLAR Eclipse on August 21st which completes this gateway and more. I will be discussing this in more detail in my upcoming interview.

We have been in the middle of  the Lions Gates Energy and now entering Geo Storms which brings a new level of Frequencies in for us to navigate through. During these times you may have many more insights into your own life and be able to now work through issues you were not able to before. You may now be able to see things about yourself and others, not seen before. Be open to the information streaming in and do not let the EGO get the best of you. We need to be able to work through these issues to EVOLVE past this dimension, time and space. We need to release this baggage we have carried for so long. The way to do this is to stay connected to the Universe and the Universe will show you the way. It will many times happens through others. This is the case because we have made sacred contracts with other souls before coming here to TRIGGER us into higher awareness. These can be friends, family, twin flames, soul mates or even strangers to us here. Be on the look out for these experiences and make the best of them when they appear.

I will be writing more on the energy we are experiencing these past few weeks very soon including the Lions Gate and both Eclipses.

I love you all !

In Service and Love

Diane Canfield
Ascension Teacher-Psychic Medium-Star Races Contactee-Energy & Wave Expert

Copyright © 2017 by Diane Canfield. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material as long the full article and all links are included

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Astrological Forecast August 2-8 ~ Get Ready For The Feels


Editor’s note:  I don’t really share astrology information but was guided to read this one.  Thus, had to share.  I feel many of you will appreciate this one.  “Feels” is an understatement.  And the schumann jumping to more than 40hz today, actually 36hz or more, can create heightened states of nervous system disruption. I believe we have a symbiotic relationship – gaia’s heartbeat affects us – and we affect her as well.  All part of this process…  Breathe.  Release.  Ground.  Breathe again. Return to the heart.  Repeat.  My go-to remedy.  Well that and cookies…


Get ready for the feels!

On the 4th, we have another direct hit to the square between “now-or-never” Jupiter to “heal-it-or-fully-destroy-it” Pluto. There are far-reaching social and political implications of this event, but in terms of your personal life, know this: what you do matters. How you pace out the events of your life, what you take on, and what or who you let go of are terribly important now. Believe this: you are a unique thread in the tapestry of humanity, and you count.

You know how intensely you’ve been feeling lately? Blame it on the Moon, baby. On the 7th, we have a Lunar Eclipse (which is like a super-juiced Full Moon with the volume turned all the way up) at 11:11am PST in the forward-thinking sign of Aquarius. You may feel irritable or on edge, and that’s OK; this is a time for transformation and time of healing – not for peace and stability. You’re not meant to maintain the status quo at this time of your life, unless doing so is heartfelt for you. This is a time where what you believe in is getting activated; you may feel a restless need to push things ahead to get answers, power, or to get away from something you don’t like. It’s best to be careful, Puppies. This is an explosive period, one that will have ramifications for a long time to come. Hold your ego in balance with your higher self, and keep your humanity at the center of your processing at all times. You can’t take back the things you do or say once they’re out there; pace yourself through your emotions and your reactions this week, especially when you’re tempted to run with them. When in doubt, wait 72 hours to allow your reactions and feels to settle.

When you’re dealing with heartfelt issues, it’s hard to see your whole situation clearly. How we feel tints our perspective and, therefore, our experience. That’s not good or bad, but it is something to keep in perspective. When upsets occur – even wonderful upsets – it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture and fixate on your strongest, most persistent feelings. The trouble with this is that our most powerful feels are not necessarily the most true or constructive ones. When feels flare up this week (and that they will), choose self-care over self-sabotage at every turn.

Read the rest here.