World War II Veteran Emerges From Coma 69 Years Later

by Barbara Johnson

An American marine injured during the Second World War and stuck in a deep coma ever since,  regained consciousness at the Naval Medical Center (NMCSD).  James Hill, a 95-year old former sergeant who is decorated with two purple heart medals and a Navy cross, was severely injured by the explosion of an artillery shell during the battle of Iwo Jima, on the 27th of February 1945. Doctors had been able to miraculously save his life, but the shock was so violent and the brain damage was so severe, that they thought he was condemned to remain inert for the rest of his life.

It is a controversial new treatment that was recently applied to Mr Hill, that somehow extracted him from his unconsciousness. This new approach developed by a German scientist, Professor Hans Friedritch Müller, is based on the use of various experimental drugs and repeated series of low voltage eletroshocks. This technique is still in its development phase and had been allowed to be tested only on four patients who were considered to have “very low probabilities” of recovering.

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Warrior Water Protectors

Editor’s note:  These folks are hero’s.  I say let’s remove congress, the current administration, reject both Hillary and Trump and install these freedom fighters instead.  They speak Truth – with heart.  They care about the land, the environment and We The People.  I have the deepest, most humble gratitude for them.  Make this image viral by sharing.  Thanks to Mark Morey for this image.  

Demolition Of Calais ‘Jungle’ Camp Plunges Refugees Into New Uncertainty

Thousands of people have no idea where they will end up.

Armed police began Monday to clear out residents from the sprawling refugee camp in Calais, France, that had become a temporary home for as many as 10,000 refugees and migrants. Although living conditions could be squalid in the camp dubbed the “Jungle,” people had organized schools, bars, restaurants and shops.

The camp’s residents, mainly from Africa and Asia, were biding their time in Calais as they looked for ways to cross the Channel into the United Kingdom.

But French authorities say they decided last month to shut down the entire camp because conditions had become too dreadful and because the ongoing illegal attempts to reach the U.K. were too dangerous. Authorities dismantled half of the Jungle in February, yet its population had swelled in the months since. The remainder of the camp is expected to be demolished later this week.

Now, thousands of people living at the site will be bused across France to stay in temporary, government-run “welcome centers” while they apply for asylum. Some 1,918 adults were transferred to 80 different welcome centers on Monday, interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve said in a news conference.

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Spain Hasn’t Had a Federal Government for the Last 9 Months and People Love It

Editor’s note:  Hmmm.  What say you, America?

Derrick Broze, The AntiMedia
Waking Times Media

For more than nine months, Spain has existed without a traditional national government. In the face of this lack of central authority and planning, Spaniards have done the impossible: they have survived without a government.

The New York Times recently reported on this phenomenon:

After two grueling national elections in six months, and with a third vote possible in December, no party has won enough seats or forged the coalition needed to form a government. For the first time in Spain’s four decades as a modern democracy, this country of 47 million people has a caretaker government.”

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