Livemeteors Site Now Giving Off “Siren” Sound!


We are watching LIVE now and are hearing this siren as I type this.  Are taking pictures which I will link later (gotta get on a bike ride with the little one).  I wanted to leave you with a video though of this sound (which it is doing it again!!  wth??) as well as new frequency signatures.

Strange Disturbance – Upper Atmosphere – “Alien Siren”

Schumann Off The Charts Again


More interesting occurrences on the Solstice.  Last night my mate and I stayed up quite late, watching the site and wow ~ some amazing frequency/energy signals came in.  A new tone as well.  I will also be loading a video I saw showing something unknown/unexplained smashing into a planet – the guy says Jupiter but no way – perhaps Nibiru?  Anyway, also happened in the last 24 hours so will be linking that later.  Things are on the move…

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Happy Solstice ~ Schumann-Style


Have been sitting here, wondering how to wish you all a Happy Solstice, what to post, etc.  Then POOF ~ I pull up a social media page and see this beauty and knew this is what I would share.  Gaia certainly seems to be celebrating in Her own way as this capture shows.

 Happy Solstice, everyone.  

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Camera Captures Watching


Here are some of the camera captures taken today alone.  According to my limited research in this area, these are not meteor signals.  And check out the structures on some of these!  Being I am musically-inclined, I also noticed distinct tones – namely E flat, G and C.  I don’t know if this means anything, but those three together create a C minor V chord.

Oh and I also recently wrote someone at the USGS asking them about the Tiksi, Russia on-going signal anomaly at the heliplots site.  I heard back and it was confirmed it is indeed highly unusual, signifying a SINE wave and yet is showing up likely due to faulty equipment.  Faulty equipment would likely not produce such an intelligent signal let alone a SINE wave.  I did this just to see what the response would be.  Any thoughts??

Enjoy the pics!  And tell me what you think.



Tonight’s Sunset Capture


Insanely far north – almost due north.  Had a small audience in the street noticing the location.


Checking Out


Editor’s note:  Watching right now.  Interesting and fascinating “sound effects”. From what I have learned so far, the little “pings” that accompany the small whitish dots that show up are meteor’s.  The long, connected strands are not. We’ve been watching the past 45 minutes or so and have seen many of these long strands, some with quite large pulses (those spread out right and left of the signal).


The Strange, Very Strong Frequency Signature Continuing To Show Up On Meteor Detector


Editor’s note:  While I don’t agree this is an “evacuation” (more of a monitoring, perhaps assistance) nor do I resonate with the fear factor, I do feel these are space craft signatures.  Most certainly not meteor signature (many of the signals that is).  Who knows.  Stay centered.  As always, use the “D” word…

OMG! This Can’t Be Happening But It Is!


Sky Watching at ECETI ~ They’re Definitely Heeeere

How to Sky Watch for UFO & Extraterrestrials & Aliens & Flying Saucers

Sun Weirdness Continues


Editor’s note:  At about the 1:40 mark, you see a video capture of the sun dimming then suddenly becoming very bright.  This is the experience my mate and I had last night only we saw the sun begin to pulsate after dimming then once it stopped pulsating it suddenly became unbelievably bright ~ and I mean unbelievably bright.  Enjoy!  (And good channel if you haven’t checked him out yet.)

This Isn’t Funny Anymore…

More Unexplainable Energy Anomalies Showing Up In Upper Atmosphere


Atmosphere Anomaly – “Energy Waves” – June 13, 2017