Boeing Video Shows Sun Simulator


Editor’s note:  Been reading about this a lot the past year.  Found this official Boeing video.  Go to the 17/18 second mark and there you will see it.  


Frequency Drop On


UPDATE:  One theory for the drop – it was done intentionally.  Once the folks monitoring this site realized all that was being captured, they lowered the frequency, thus we can no longer hear the “siren” signal or see the corresponding images.  Just a theory so far but it would not surprise me.  

I know I’m harping on this one, but I believe this is part of something big. I began watching this site just a little over a week ago and the frequency was around 61.260 MHz.  This has remained steady – until just a short time ago when it has now dropped to 55.240 MHz.  Any ideas?  Insights?  I’ve already gone to the live chat room to ask.  Oh well, I’ll just wait for the 11:00 news because SURELY those folks will make that the top story, right? And then after that, they will all stand up, renounce their positions, admit the evil overlords they work for and then join in with the rest of humanity. I am the perpetual optimist with a splash of sarcasm…

LoveInActionNow’s Capture of Phenomena


I have yet to say that this morning, around 11:30am, something told me/urged me to “check out livemeteors now”.  That’s around the time this signal began being noticed, at least recorded by others I should say.  I didn’t listen as I let myself be more focused on doing the morning routine. Around 1:30pm is when we first checked it out and well, ya’ll know the rest.  The story, I am sure, will continue… We are feeling as though we are at the edge of an Event.  




WSO ~ Strange Red Light “Bars” Showing Up In Florida Skies Today


More signs of the changes in the “air”…  Thanks to my mate for capturing this stuff while I was at an end-of-the-school-year party in my neighborhood with my girl.  UPDATE:  Seem as though the bars were simply reflecting the light below.

WSO – Strange Red Plasma Bars in St. Pete! Only a Matter of Time!

More Strange Signals Coming From


Another channel capturing.  Will link our captures next.

Strange Signals Coming in on Live Meteors???

Livemeteors Site Now Giving Off “Siren” Sound!


We are watching LIVE now and are hearing this siren as I type this.  Are taking pictures which I will link later (gotta get on a bike ride with the little one).  I wanted to leave you with a video though of this sound (which it is doing it again!!  wth??) as well as new frequency signatures.

Strange Disturbance – Upper Atmosphere – “Alien Siren”

Schumann Off The Charts Again


More interesting occurrences on the Solstice.  Last night my mate and I stayed up quite late, watching the site and wow ~ some amazing frequency/energy signals came in.  A new tone as well.  I will also be loading a video I saw showing something unknown/unexplained smashing into a planet – the guy says Jupiter but no way – perhaps Nibiru?  Anyway, also happened in the last 24 hours so will be linking that later.  Things are on the move…

Image may contain: outdoor

Happy Solstice ~ Schumann-Style


Have been sitting here, wondering how to wish you all a Happy Solstice, what to post, etc.  Then POOF ~ I pull up a social media page and see this beauty and knew this is what I would share.  Gaia certainly seems to be celebrating in Her own way as this capture shows.

 Happy Solstice, everyone.  

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Camera Captures Watching


Here are some of the camera captures taken today alone.  According to my limited research in this area, these are not meteor signals.  And check out the structures on some of these!  Being I am musically-inclined, I also noticed distinct tones – namely E flat, G and C.  I don’t know if this means anything, but those three together create a C minor V chord.

Oh and I also recently wrote someone at the USGS asking them about the Tiksi, Russia on-going signal anomaly at the heliplots site.  I heard back and it was confirmed it is indeed highly unusual, signifying a SINE wave and yet is showing up likely due to faulty equipment.  Faulty equipment would likely not produce such an intelligent signal let alone a SINE wave.  I did this just to see what the response would be.  Any thoughts??

Enjoy the pics!  And tell me what you think.



Tonight’s Sunset Capture


Insanely far north – almost due north.  Had a small audience in the street noticing the location.