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I hesitated sharing this but decided to as the overall message is useful.  I take issue with what he has to say about angry women ~ how he does not wish to be around women who are angry at men. Instead of owning how he as a male has been a part of this anger women feel towards men, he passes the baton off to the women to fix ~ the women who don’t hold the anger or level of anger.  Talk about bypassing responsibility.  I am not suggesting women stay in this energy of anger ~ I am stating men AND women must step up and offer help.  Men MUST step up and admit they fell for the illusion of the patriarch and their own suppression of their masculine energies, which became corrupted and lead to eons of power over and control of the female.  There is absolutely no sense in denying this and James just did a disservice by dismissing and discounting this very real experience.  He has no clue what it is like to have been a woman in this experience ~ not in this incarnation cycle that is.  So come on James ~ own your part of the equation and your participation in the game/experience. Own when you have been out of alignment with Who You Really Are with women.  Make amends. YOU as well can ask a woman in pain and anger “what created your experience”.  That is indeed a part of your own healing.  To suggest all healing must be as a result from the Self is naive.  Yes, healing comes from within but it also must include some love and service from without as well.


New Year’s Edition

Using Rational Thinking Concerning Psychopathsl

is not Logical

**by James Gilliland**

December 26, 2017

**We are seeing false icons fall in all walks of life.**

**We are truly living in a world of opposites**

We are seeing false icons fall in all walks of life. We are truly living in a world of opposites. People being exposed on the highest levels in politics, the movie, music and business industries of ungodly actions to say the least.

We are watching a total implosion of the democratic party in its death throws, lashing out with accusations without merit mainly due to the fact that the majority of it has deep ties with the deep state. Some of these extracurricular activities include satanic worship, child sacrifice, pedophilia, money laundering and extreme bribes, pay to play. The corruption became so abhorrent it is taking the military to clean it up. That is the basis behind the last presidential decree declaring a State of Emergency and the right to secure the assets of the extremely corrupt.

**As even a blind man/woman can see those entrusted to protect and serve within the system on the highest levels only protect and serve themselves. .**

As even a blind man/woman can see those entrusted to protect and serve within the system on the highest levels only protect and serve themselves. The agencies have not been carrying out their mandates, they’ve been serving the few not the many. This is going to change and I hope the socially CNN programmed and the ignorant will see the contradiction, the hypocrisy, the sense of entitlement wake up and smell the coffee. Things are not going to go their way. There is a much bigger plan unfolding and it is coming on high.

**I find it incredulous, almost unbelievable, people still demand we continue on the same path – some for the sole reason of having a woman in the White House.**

This is where the psychopaths come in. If they had their way and the democrats won the election – by using the woman, race card, give-away programs, going along business as usual – America would end up in social and economic collapse. They were fast-tracking to WW3. They are the beast or servants of the beast. Even if it means their own demise. I find it incredulous, almost unbelievable, people still demand we continue on the same path some for the sole reason of having a woman in the White House.

Do the research into the woman you hold on your pedestal. Some of the other women especially those screaming the loudest, have the most to lose by being exposed as to some of their despicable behavior and I must say it was not motherly.

**We need to stop judging people by their gender or their color but by their consciousness, their actions and track record of service to humanity and the Earth.**

I would also do some research into the last African American in the white house. He actually still thinks he is president. He was African not American self-admitted and what he will be charged with will be unbelievable. They have both sold out the people they represent and are responsible for the pain, suffering and death of thousands if only by withholding the funds earmarked to help disaster victims not to mention creating and arming our enemies.

This race card division game needs to end. We need to stop judging people by their gender or their color but by their consciousness, their actions and track record of service to humanity and the Earth. There cannot be double standards. Either you are creating heaven on Earth and adhering to Universal Law or you are not despite the slick rhetoric.

Have you noticed the ones making the most and loudest accusations end up falling upon their own swords?

Have you ever noticed most of these dark hearts never answer a straight question? They evade the question, project it on someone else then attack the credibility or character of the one asking the question. Have you noticed the vast majority of their accusations and information turn out to have no merit, no evidence yet people continue to believe them if it fits their agenda? Have you noticed the ones making the most and loudest accusations end up falling upon their own swords? They have to the extreme done what they accuse others of doing.

When the curtain is pulled back belief systems will be turned upside down.

In the days to come we are going to get answers and ring side seats of what is behind the curtain. When the curtain is pulled back belief systems will be turned upside down. What many thought was happening may very well be the opposite. That is when the healing will come and we are going to have to have compassion for those misinformed and misled. This does not mean a reality check is not in order.

I also want to commend the women who are stepping forward, standing in their power while maintaining that beautiful divine feminine energy. It is like a long, awaited wave of healing much appreciated and needed.

Although I tossed my TV out eons ago what I am seeing on the internet fills my heart with great admiration. They are far and few between in the lame stream media. They are mostly found at alternative media and though some find it hard to believe Fox News. They deal with facts and research while the others seem to deal with a controlled narrative furnished by the deep state. Watch _The View_ – a sad example and embarrassment to womanhood.

The women filled with hate towards men have missed the real issue and when they project that hate how can they expect love in return? That is really what they are crying out for. You can’t force or demand love. If you fit into this category you also can’t continue to deny the fact that it was lack of love that formed your present belief system.

**We can’t hide the wounds or fix them externally. We can only heal ourselves from within.**

We can’t hide the wounds or fix them externally. We can only heal ourselves from within. One cannot march for peace if you are not at peace, war on hate expecting to win anything other than more hate. Be a victim without expecting to be victimized. Hateful, vengeful wounded women with a following create what? Not my idea of heaven. It all boils down to personal responsibility, personal healing, working internally verses externally. When your internal healing is done then you can work on the external. It is the only way out.

So, you powerful ladies out there why not help your fellow women out. Ask them what happened? What happened to make them so angry and bitter? Ask them what they need to heal. Ask them why they gave up something so beautiful, the loving, joyous wise nurturing energy of which they are masters. It is the source of their power. Bitterness and “againstness” are not the sought-after gifts of a woman.

If I pushed some buttons, provoked some thought I did it out of love and service. One thing I do know however is they are not my buttons and just who is defending them, and why? I also know the buttons are not real. Enjoy the illusion. I am hoping I never have to write another article like this in the coming new year. Let’s make Atlantis and Lemuria great again.

**Let’s make Atlantis and Lemuria great again.**

Be well and enjoy the new year, it’s going to be quite a show. Fourth of July will come early.

Pass this on far and wide.

James Gilliland

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You have my permission to send this far and wide.

Some Perspective On The Taurus Energy


interesting piece…  but i have to warn you – if you want to read the rest, you will have to be sensitive to a lot of misspelled words.  (my pet peeve… so i decided not to link the whole thing as my “need to fix” kicked in and i opted not to play editor beyond what i shared.)  


Melody Perron added 8 photos and a video.

December 28 at 3:52pm

Just wanted to share some ideas I was pondering about.

So this is taurus energy.Taurus energy is a complete toroidal structure like that which shape the universe to the macrocosm and microcosm.Inside that torus shape, you have capricorn energy which just represent all the possible shape,structure you can create inside.Virgo energy represent how you analyze every shape finding how to use them and optimizing them.Virgo deal with analyzing the golden number ratio spiral inside a torus structure.This path spiraling perfectly inside is where libra energy flow with the least friction.Virgo analyze this to try and optimize libra (air,thoughts) energy to flow better .

This knowledge of earth energy can be apply to everything from or thoughts realm to our emotional realm,into reality,into art and science. Literally everything is based of that and this is especially true because we live in a 3d physical earth reality.You can always place your consciousness if you focus and stay centered in the middle point of a taurus structure to get connected to the whole and get the most control.This is pretty much how all our chakra point work.They are focal point that we can put our consciousnesses on using our third eye,or heart….Also the center piece of a taurus is called a tetrahedron.

This is the heartpiece of any toroidal structure. It has 7 faces and it’s a very not-well-known shape because it holds a lot of power this knowledge of the heart and how light can enter this engine and fire up the kaleidoscope of color a taurus can offer. I thought would be appropriate to share so people can understand more about the structure of things and how the heart function also how the ancient embedded knowledge of everything into astrology. There is other type of energy to learn about like air,fire,water and electricity magnetism)that 5th element that’s what we are sentient energy in a physical vessel I believe).  If u think i am wrong on anything please correct me or add to the knowledge just thought people would appreciate that I share all this.  Much love to everyone!

Continue reading here.


Gaia Portal ~ Nourishments are remembered within.


go within to find the truth, the peace, that which we seek.  that is where/when/how we connect w/the divine.  i needed this message as lately i have heard “pull back from all of the political stuff girl”.  not to stop engaging ~ just pull back and listen to my own inner world…


Nourishments are remembered within.

Fascinations cease.

Egoic creations are ignored.

Angelics connect with humanity.

12/27/17 Energy Update


So very ready!    “Soul families will begin connecting to create Spaces of Love, Tribes of Starseeds will emerge from these fertile grounds carrying the codes and knowledge needed to continue the Great Work.”


Unleashing Natural Humanity

8 hrs

Energy update 12/27/17

Hold onto your hats 

We are moving into the potential for massive physical shifts and changes. On the surface, the physical world is following the collective consciousness.

We do not agree to eat poisons in our food. We do not agree to breath poisons in our air. We do not agree to drink poisons in our water. We have spoken with the collective energy, and we are speaking with our energy and the system is being forced to bend to the will of the people.

We do not agree to be slaves. We do not agree to be in debt. We do not agree to scarcity. We have spoken with the collective energy, and the physical ramifications are moving faster and faster.

What has happened up until this point is a widening of the flow from the Christ-consciousness Source field to the potential of flash point induction. What once were waves of energy are now becoming streams of higher and higher levels of multidimensional resonance. There is becoming no more ebb and flow to adjust humanity into the new paradigm, but a steady stream of brilliance and slightly dimmer brilliance.

Focus on you. Forget about the latest intel, forget about “what is happening right now?!” and begin to bring yourself back into the body with the breath. Begin to focus on the deeper sensations that the micromovement throughout the body that the breath creates. Bypass the thinking mind and sink into the movement of the body….take the awareness into the bones, the muscles, the blood, the skin….

Allow each exhalation to become a deeper sense of relaxation as you focus on each point of tension and discomfort, feeling it relax, open and drain stagnancy on all levels. Emotional, mental, psychological, energetic and physical. Full spectrum release.

Be responsible with your thoughts. Be responsible with your emotions. Recognize that we are collectively stepping into a place of ultimate co-creation. Your thoughts, feelings and images will become real with almost immediate manifestation. What do you want to see in the world and in your life in 5 years? What are you going to do today to make sure that happens? What are you going to hold in your heart to make sure that happens? Life and abundance does not grow out of death and decay. Make sure your mindset fits your image of your future. Hold onto this like your best friend, a lover, a co-conspirator in all the shennanigans 

Take it easy on yourself. Take some time out for yourself. Look yourself directly in the eyes and tell yourself, “I am sorry, please forgive me for all the damage I have put you through due to ignorance. Thank you for being you. I love you.”

As humanity continues to break free on an economic, financial, industrial, environmental and energetic scale, expect the false world painted by the mainstream media to become much more terrifying.

The first month of 2018 is going to sweep the world with a new level of consciousness to most, an old friend to us. Contributionism societies have been flourishing theoretically for decades now, but the major difference is the call to action.

Families around the world have been feeling the pull to their own piece of Paradise, that they can co-create with like minded people around them in a space of love, safety and growth. The energy is calling for a mass dispersal from the cities into smaller village-like communities and this is going to light like a sun inside of those already feeling the call.

Soul families will begin connecting to create Spaces of Love, Tribes of Starseeds will emerge from these fertile grounds carrying the codes and knowledge needed to continue the Great Work.

This planet a thousand years from now is going to be the jewel of the universe. This is a Living Library, cataloging every plant, animal, species, frequency, resonance and energy in the entire universe, and WE are the custodians of this Paradise.

This is OUR planet. We stand here, unmoving and unafraid. We stand here, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand radiating what we want to see in the world. Love. Joy. Hope. Community. Peace.

We do not fight for peace, we see the world as it will be. And so it is.

From my heart to yours 


A Vision for Employment


thank you robin for sending…


The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for Employment

Here is a wonderful reminder Vision/Intention that was sent in by Frank Sayre. Frank says,

Greetings from Grants Pass, Oregon. The unemployment rate is up. Who knows when it will go back down or if it will. Please let us not forget our true employment; we work for the highest good for all. When we do this all else will follow and we will be as one . . . This is from Barbara Marciniak’s book “Family of Light.” (one of our favorites!).

“Spirit, I am wishing to be employed by you. Put me to work. Show me what I can do. Give me the opportunity to live my light, to speak my truth, and to carry this light around the globe.”

“It is my intention that I be successful that I will always be safe in all things that I do. It is my intention that I receive love and give love in all things that I do. It is my intention that I have a good time and that I be provided for with prosperity according to my needs. It is my intention that my material world be put aside in favor of a world that provides for the highest good of all.”

Peace and blessing to all

Thank You, Frank!

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too! 
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Love’s Domain ~ An Intuited Message (A MUST Read)


Ya’ll have to read this one!  I absolutely love this message.  This beautiful intuited message was sent to me by one of you wonderful readers.  It was written by Stuart Wilde in March of 2013. Sadly, he passed on just weeks after publishing and sharing this piece.  Click on the original link and look at his picture.  Look at the gentleness in his eyes.  He is such a beautiful Soul and I wish I had known of him earlier.  …  I calculated it out and the approximation of “2000 days” puts us into the early parts of next year. We are both ready and getting ready peaceful warriors.  Our vision(s) are manifesting.  Perhaps Stuart is waiting there for us already, returned as a fully healed Being.  


Love’s Domain

Published Stuart Wilde

I saw something. I was taken to a dimension of pure love. It was here on earth. I was walking by a placid lake there was fog in the air, but it wasn’t dank and cold, it was a purple mist so soft and beautiful. All the animals were calm, they had no terror of humans anymore. I heard a celestial bell in my right ear, the little “ding” made it resonate through all eternity.

And I noticed when I had a thought like say, “how beautiful it all is” it went from me unimpeded across the lake and over the hills and beyond. There were humans in that pure love world, not many, but they were there. I didn’t see them, but I knew they were noble and kind and brave and full of grace, because I could see the imprint they had made on the trees as they had passed them.

I wondered if this “pure love” world was a hundred eons for now? Seconds later, as the question tumbled from my mind, I was shown the “love world” is very close. I couldn’t tell exactly, but it seemed 2000 days or so.

Then I was shown a gruesome scene. It made me shudder. It was so complex I had difficulty understanding, it over whelmed me. I was taken through the death of the global ego and specialness. I was shown how there is no last judgment, each and every person decides their fate from their deep inner sentiment; there is a mathematical preciseness that is a “karma administration” of great complexity, way beyond what I could comprehend, way beyond.

Then I saw the hills and they lent toward me and kind of nodded, as if to say, ‘You understand don’t you?’ It is all in divine order.

And I made the sign of Knights of St George. It’s like the Christian sign of the cross. You go from your forehead to your chest saying “Holy, Holy” and you go left and right saying “Sacred, Sacred”. Then you bend down on one knee in reverence and you touch the ground with a finger of your right hand and you say, “Here Now”.

The “Here Now” is an act of humility. It says here I am in this world right now on this spot on a bended knee, ready to serve.

After the sign of St George I saw a thousands crows flying over my head, they were very beautiful and each seems like it was bent on a mission, but I didn’t know then what the mission was.

Then later I saw a sea of graves, millions, hundred of millions, they stretched a thousand miles or more. But it was all in order, it was all the people whose minds and souls weren’t ready for the love world. They had to go elsewhere and try again. It all seemed fine.

And from beyond the graves came a celestial sun, and one ray of it entered my right eye and I fell to the ground in awe.

And I remembered the vision I had of Jesus showing me his hands and the voice that said, “He came forth and led the people to a great victory”. The love world is the prize that awaits us, beyond our pain.

I saw all that. It was shown. It was very definite, there’s no question, it will be delivered now.  Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com

Sourced from here.


A Vision For All Things FREE


The BEST one yet!  A vision after my own heart!  Freedom = Free!  And so it is.  It is DONE. NOW.  


The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for All Things Free

We see a world where:

You don’t have to pay to be warm. Your heating is free, at any temperature you choose;

You don’t have to pay to have food. Your sustenance is free, from the most nutritious, health-giving sources it can possibly come from;

You don’t have to pay to communicate via phone, internet, or mail. Your communication avenues are free, and they are the best, most advanced technologies available;

You don’t have to pay for good health care. Your health care is free, and it is the very best that our society has to offer;

You don’t have to pay for shelter. Your home is free, in the most pleasant environment you can imagine;

You don’t have to pay to have clothing. Your garments are free, and they’re the most comfortable, colorful clothes available;

You don’t have to pay to travel. Your transportation is free, in the most reliable, safe, and clean vehicles and systems known to man;

You don’t have to pay for fuels. Your fossil-based, electromagnetic, solar, wind and water driven fuels are free, and they are safe, sustainable, renewable, clean, and becoming less of a drain on Mother Earth and more connected to the Sun, the winds, and the waters with each passing day;

You don’t have to pay for schooling. Your education, at all levels, is free, with the highest quality standards, held in the highest quality facilities that are designed specifically to be conducive to learning about whatever is of interest to you;

You don’t have to pay to have fun. Your recreation is free, with camping spots, theme parks, sporting events, playgrounds, hiking trails, and beaches open to everyone all the time;

And finally, you don’t have to pay to be alive. Living is free because there are no taxes, no tolls, and no trolls standing by the entrances to places you want to go. Life, in its entirety, gives you everything you need and allows you to go anywhere you want without fees or fears of any kind.

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too! 
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Morag ~ Energy Update Lightbody Activation


I awoke this morning and groaned.  After night #3 of waking up around 5am only to be awake for 2 hours or so before returning to sleep, waking up for a second time takes its toll.  (and last night I simply could not fall asleep like I normally do – within minutes of putting my head on my pillow)… I rolled over and said, “these ascension energies are frickin’ powerful!”  Later this evening, the body pains kicked in again as they have done the last couple of days.  Heat and that little portable massager help. Also noticed quite extreme temperature fluctuations today ~ given where I am with my normal cycles, an unusual experience for this time of month. Then there is that ongoing itching thing ~ especially in my hips.  My mate is having the same experience, same location.  


We are being pushed hard through intensive waves of higher frequencies. This process can take its toll on our health and wellbeing. We should be offline or at least on flight mode during intense upgrades, few of us have that luxury. Life goes on. Symptoms people are experiencing range from cold and flus, headaches, body aches, extreme tiredness, heaviness in limbs, fuzzy head, blurry vision, ear popping and buzzing and temperature fluctuations. Chakra activation can cause palpitations, fluttering and flipping sensations at chakras, IBS symptoms, dramatic changes in what we can eat and digest from one day to the next, disturbed sleeping patterns, waking up between 3 and 5 am or sleeping in daytime.

As we clear lower chakras and our upper chakras come online, life can take on a surreal quality. Dimensional slippage, glitches, time anomalies, vivid dreams and memories popping up, can make us feel insecure, shaky, untethered. We can be clumsy, bumping into things, tripping up, stumbling. Our bodies are changing, becoming lighter in structure, our bones and muscles become stronger and more supple. Our agility improves. We crack open and peel back layers of hardened, dense karma. We release matrix toxins clogging our organs and arteries. We shake off low vibration energies stress, worry, anxiety to reconnect to our bodies. We tune into our bodies. This is 5d, a quantum existence where nothing is compartmentalized, we are one united trinity being of light.

Our minds require special care at this time. Physical symptoms of aches, pains and exhaustion can affect our mental health. Karmic release challenges us to find our core strength by facing the dark night(s) of the soul. We become more sensitive and aware of the effect others  and our surroundings have on us. Screening out high conflict people helps this process as we can be extra vulnerable to energetic attack during intensive upgrades. Our self esteem can take a hit. Affirmations of self love, forgiveness, acceptance and belief help shield us.

Spiritually we are at warp speed. For many of us this means reprogramming from religious and cultural mind control algorithms limiting our soul growth. For others it requires we face our selves, we step off the treadmill of work work work, career, status symbols and success. We sit in our own space with only ourselves for company. And we get to know who we truly are not the avatar the matrix branded us with at birth. We are being cooked friends. Baked. Roasted. We are experiencing internal chemical reactions to bring more strands of DNA online. This is heavy maaaan.

The matrix conditions us to push through illness, to maintain high attendance data, to ignore, repress and dismiss physical or mental illness. Our primary role in the matrix is as cogs in the wheel. Only we can break that programming. Take time off work if you need to. Ignore the matrix the way it ignores you as an individual, as a sovereign being. Pare back all but the necessary things to do. Prioritise solitude, soul tribe nourishment, nature and self care. Unplugging requires just as much energy as upgrades, the two go hand in hand. Begin to see yourself as a trinity being mind body spirit and take care of each as part of the whole. Rest and recuperate. Keep shield of love up. Stay as safe and protected as you can. Avoid crowds, exposure to other people, especially for empaths at this time, can drain us.

The world is in chaos and everyone knows it. Whether they are verbalising it or not, no-one feels safe anymore. The fear agenda of the cabal is in overdrive to keep our vibrations low, to block incoming upgrades. For those in the heightened consciousness community disclosure is inevitable. For the majority of people it’s shocking and frightening. Disclosure of intergalactic communities integral to our planet’s development. Exposure of widespread organised paedophilia supporting a depraved cabal hungry for innocence and power. Revelations of arms dealing, global economic theft, fraud and corruption, human slavery, food and chemtrails weapons agenda, mass mind control programming are bubbling to the surface. Our chakra clearing is as much a collective experience as it is individual. Ancient predictions coming to fruition.

Technology drags us along behind as it gallops into the 21st century. We are overwhelmed as a race, as a collective global consciousness. We are incredulous by what we see with our newly awakened eyes, heart and soul. We are experiencing anomalies, fluctuations and ripples in the fabric of our existence. Synchronicities and the wonder and magic of the universe. All of this adds up to a whirlwind of confusion, elation, fear and chaos. Who controls the media? Who controls mainstream program(ing) on tv? Who controls social media, the integrity and freedom of the internet? Why is the dark net able to exist and flourish? How does it all hold together so we can break it apart, dismantle it calmly and rationally? There is no long term security anymore. No generation or population on earth feels safe.

We are in the eye of the cosmic storm friends. The world is in inner and outer turmoil. Our role, our mission, our path is to turn inwards. It is to seek and find inner peace. As we upgrade we become creators, manifestors of our perceived experience. If we integrate these upgrades, we walk the path to inner calm, peace and self love, we will in turn manifest this. If enough of us do this we can and will change our world. No easy task when we are running on empty, relentlessly pressured by the matrix and those people in our lives, society, to confirm conform conform. A huge part of this cosmic evolutionary process is discovering who we truly are. To ignore pressure to conform, to listen to and then march to the beat of our own drum is anarchy. It is to be the glitch in the matrix. It is to shed our matrix avatars and step into our power.

We are being energetically battered down to prevent this process occurring. Indigos are being labelled and medicated. Lightworkers are being targeted by dark workers, multi dimensional hackers and energy vampires. Our confidence takes the knocks. Our inner calm can be destroyed. It is up to us to realign, to rebalance our energy flow so that we can reset our own vibration. Take the power back from those who seek to drain or destroy us. Look carefully at who can be trusted. Stay vigilant. Protect yourself with light, love, forgiveness and gratitude.

These are trying times friends. Yet our highest path of existence is being offered, a path of peace and love. To walk the path is to shake off pressure, negative energies and drama. It is to take control of our emotional energetic dial. To reset, tune up, turn down the volume on negativity and turn it waaay up on love frequency. We can and we will make this world a better place, a more honest, authentic kind space in time to visit and be part of. Don’t despair if you feel run down, tired, emotional, unwell, spaced out or drained. You are not alone. This is a global and individual evolutionary process. All are experiencing it with varying degrees of awareness. Take one day at a time, one hour, one task at a time. Go gently. Slooooooow down. Imagine you are offline and sit quietly with no stimuli. Let your soul wake up and talk to you. We are part of a bigger picture of rEvolution, awakening and empowerment. Play your part with selfcare, spiritual growth and love. Namaste.

Allison Coe ~ Client QHHT Sessions – More on “The Event” and New Earth


Client QHHT Sessions – More on “The Event” and New Earth

Published on Dec 22, 2017

Gaia Portal Solstice Message ~ 12/21/17


Fluxes collaborate with the Higher Dimensionals.

Fairies of the Realm are heralded.

Lemmings are halted from demise.

Singing commences.

 Sourced from here.