Be Willing To Offend People


Oh yes…  



To take a stand, to choose a direction, to believe-to be alive in- anything at all, is to engage the dichotomy of worlds.

Someone will disagree. Someone will think your crazy. Someone will pity you. You may even stir the hatred in the rotten core of a festering sickness of soul because the contrast jarrs it awake in somebody else.

Someone else will try to worship at your feet. Someone will think you can save them. Someone will weep at your doorstep, asking for merciful death. You may even stir the eternal being of love in another human, and their love my surpass yours, and bless all the world.

All of them are engaging with one of the infinite facets of the world soul, and you are the one who wears its face, because that is the right medicine for the moment. And people get the chance to heal themselves, to see the unseeableness of their own being, even as a tiny shard of light broken off from the sun.

If you want to find your tribe in this world, you have to become visible. If you want to meet the group of beings that summoned you into your current form, to address a pressing pain, you have to notify them of your arrival.

The tone of your Soul must radiate from your body with enough clarity to activate recognition of original harmony. In a binary-duality world, this harmonic activation notifies its balancing dissonance of its arrival.

So, don’t worry about offending people. Choose to be true before choosing to be “liked.” Choose deep compassion, before choosing to be “nice.” Choose fierce love, before choosing to avoid the projected thoughts of those who cannot know.

In the end, it is you who are accountable for what you have given to the world, and what you have withheld. So love and rage and dance and wail with your whole being.

Don’t worry… someone will be offended.

Laugh, and keep dancing.

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Large, Beautiful, Divine (Feminine) Shift Occurs Today ~ 1/7/18


This is a must share.  Around 1:45pm today, PST (important that I share the time given what he shares below), I had a moment of empowerment come through me and I shared some things w/my mate that normally would have me feeling hesitant, but I knew it was time they be shared ~ all coming from the Divine Feminine with me.

Very interesting he references the Event as being quite possible to occur in about 2 weeks…  Beautiful words in this one.  



An important Upward Shift occurred around approximately 2 PM PST. This Shift was the direct result of multiple actions by the Ground Crews in conjunction with the Feminine release to rise Higher. Many Feminine chains were thrown off in the last 24-48 hours allowing for a significant rise. As more of certain suppressed Females are separated from their Dark Handlers, it Creates a rise liken to being underwater with a rope attached to Your ankle and a big cement block, You have cut that rope and have risen to the surface, Your Divine lungs inhale the pure Divine Air, and You Live. You are able to Now breathe and swim, and do not forget, You can also fly.

Immediate effects of this Upward Shift are being directly reflected into the present realities connected to the outside world around You. The effects it is currently having, and these good effects will continue, are changing Timelines rapidly and in very good ways. It is possible, that what some may refer to as “The Event”, could happen in about 2 weeks. We can tell You that everything Now, because of this Important Shift, is more refined and inline with the priority, the Divine Plan. All things of deceit accelerate with their assigned implosions, nothing Dark can withstand the immense Light Quotient Now Residing upon the surface of this facsimile of Gaia. The real full body Gaia is Now totally on the lower 5D Timeline, waiting for You to transport Humanity and integrate Humanities existence into the lowest 5D Timeline, where it is secured and the passage between the 4D and 5D is sealed. There are STILL many Soul Contracts being changed to as which Timeline those Souls will Ascend/Descend upon, We can assure You, that almost All Soul Contracts being renegotiated, are choosing the Higher Timelines, this is also having an uplifting effect to the overall present vibration.

More Divine Whistleblowers are and will be coming from the depths of the corrupt systems, bringing with them even more, IRREFUTABLE PROOFS OF THE DARKNESS AND THE ENSLAVEMENT SYSTEMS IMPOSED UPON HUMANITY. Your Galactic connections are becoming more obvious to You, as those of You bring Them into this Now, Essences of You from other Timelines, to assist and reinforce the swift change to the present Timelines. The Masses have no choice but to Awaken further, for the proofs are based in logic, a Truth that the Human mind cannot deny nor refute. The Truths are blatant contradictions of what they were led to believe, the Truths break the deepest conditionings.

You are to continue forward KNOWING that the rest MUST follow. Your Ascension has always been ascertained, for Time nor Space restricts what You truly Are. It is the experience that You asked for and wished to have, even before You incarnated here, You bring it closer to You as You cut the ties to the “old experience”, for each tie cut to the “old”, it is replaced with an attachment to the New. It indeed takes time in this linear experience, but it is done in accordance with the Big Wish. As for the Dark, they do not have the abilities You have, and are a program that You can/may, shut off.

Continue working with Your Energy Vortices contained within, and Divinely attached, as You more fully Energize Your Vortices. More Kundalini activations are happening and others will follow in Your footsteps, You must teach them to haul that Energy up in a clockwise spiral, connecting with each chakra as it rises and activating them to Higher degrees. You must break the confines of the Sacral Chakra, and rise above it, when You do not, You become stagnant and that Divine Sexual Energy may be robbed from You, so bring it up, by Yourself or even more powerfully, with a partner.

Love and Light

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