UFO Seen Nightly In Late Night August Skies in Oregon

UPDATE: September 19 – still seeing it nightly.  At this point it is visible at 9pm.  Looks as though others are seeing similar craft given this video.  Of interest to me is how this object changes shape – exactly my experience.  I have seen it literally “morph” from a circular craft to a chevron.  

UPDATE: August 27 – still seeing it nightly although it is rising earlier each night.  Able to see it at 11pm now instead of 11:45pm.  

UPDATE:  This same object/craft was seen last night, August 11th, in SE Oregon – approximately 200-250 miles from my location – making this craft not local and up in the celestial world.  Will be viewing again tonight and making more video.  

Editors note:  This is our video taken last night, August 7, 2016.  As I previously mentioned in an earlier post, I have been seeing something rise in the northeastern horizon for the past few nights.  It follows the same trajectory and rises at or near the same time (from my vantage point):  11:45pm.  It rises slowly to the SSE.  As you can see from the first few moments of the video (which my mate took), it is indeed a craft of some sort for you can clearly see the lights.  Last night we watched it slowly rise until approximately 1:30am before going to bed.  We will continue to watch and document as necessary.  We have been watching the skies for approximately 20 years and have never seen anything like this – primarily due to the fact that it is now 3 nights in a row, same location, following the same path.  Our neighbor joined in with us for a few minutes given he was open but skeptical.  He is now a believer.  Being a former military man, he said it was definitely not a plane, planet, meteor or star and agreed is was very odd to see the same object 3 evenings in the same location at the same time.  


Nibiru – the “winged planet” – caught on video

Editor’s note:  I post this because last night AND tonight (August 5 and 6) at 11:45pm, PST, I saw this same/similar object in the NNE skies rising/heading EAST.  It appeared to fade a bit before brightening up again – a pattern that continued the 10 minutes or so I watched it.  I checked online to see if it was possibly a planet but quickly learned none of the visible planets this time of year are in this location.  Also of interest:  given the earth rotates counter-clockwise, objects appear to we humans (on both hemispheres) as moving east to west. This thing I am seeing the last two nights?  Moving NNE.