Is The Universe On Overdrive Or Am I Just Tuned In?

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I go nutso silly when the Universe speaks to me. She has been doing so in lightening speed the past few days – so much so I feel I need to carry around a recording device.

Given all of the intel and sources I follow, I have been hearing for a few months how our communications and thus our manifestations with the Universe are increasing in speed.

Here’s the examples of just the past few days:

A few mornings ago I woke up to the song “Jeremy” (pearl jam – awesome tune, btw) going through my mind. When this happens, I know it is my higher self with a message. So the past couple of days I keep hearing it, going back to that period in my life, trying to figure it out with my brain. (like that ever works!)

One line became prevalent yesterday: “lemon yellow sun”. So again, I tried figuring it out, realized I had no answers and just let it be. Until tonight. Watching a video on youtube – the caption “sun shaped like a lemon in Montana”. Well if you are close to me, you KNOW Montana triggers something in me and has for almost 20 years. Don’t know if I am “meant” to live there. Don’t know if it’s even about the particular place.  But what started as a song lead to a video which mentioned my magic word “Montana”.

The million dollar question?  What does it MEAN?

I don’t know.  (cue laughter)

I have had the issue of repeating numbers and what they mean come up several times today, including going over a paper a friend has written on the subject and having a video show up in my e-mail box on the subject.

I have had the issue of rh negative blood come up several times today, including seeing a link to a video on youtube which I just happened to save for later viewing 2 nights ago.  There are over 55,000 videos on the subject on youtube.  What are the odds that the same one came my way twice?

I awoke two mornings ago wanting to find a piece of paper that had an energy release exercise on it.  I found it strange, but also felt I needed to do it again.  Synchronicity was not finished as earlier this evening, as I shared, on a whim, this energy release technique I once did a couple of years ago I was asked me if I could pass it on.

I was thinking that as quickly as the Universe’s communications with me seems to be getting, it really isn’t that the Universe is communicating w/me faster. It is that this is how the Universe works in it’s natural state.

As I raise my vibes and as my body continues to adjust to the increasing frequencies, it is simply easier for me to receive this information.

It’s like I’ve tuned into the correct bandwidth.

And after decades of feeling more or less in between stations, where all I hear is mostly static with the occasional moments of clear music, it is indeed something to celebrate!  Thank you, more please, Wonderful Universe!



On Criticism ~ A Necessary Tool To Teach Toughness Or An Unnecessary Tool For Darkness?

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I’ve been pondering “criticism” today.  In our western world we are taught to be tough in the face of criticism.  In fact we are even encouraged to know how to “take it”, as though knowing how to “take it” is a virtue.  To struggle with it or show emotional upset can be seen as a weakness that needs toughening up.

Well this woman disagrees.  Completely.

Inside I have NEVER ONCE been ok with criticism and even though I can show a different outer facade today – inside I simply hurt. It’s an energy that does not feel comfortable to me.  It doesn’t resonate with me.

And it never will.

And nor shall it should.

Holding a differing opinion is obviously a part of Life, here, there and everywhere.  We all have our own thoughts, beliefs and perceptions.

However when we step into the area of criticizing another person, we are infringing upon their personal space by imposing OUR will, which is not uplifting but instead, destructive in nature.

Let’s stop the criticizing.

Let’s be thoughtful of how we speak with one for whom we disagree.

Let’s instead present our idea, noticing our body language, noticing whether we wish to control the other person or simply share our particular perception on the issue of discussion.

And let us always remain open to the fact that this other person may just be mirroring an unrecognized Truth we hold within that has yet to be uncovered.

Then we can do away with criticism altogether and instead of feeling the need to “toughen up” ourselves and our children, we can instead just be Soft and Supportive – Flexible and Free – which is the natural state of Who We Are as Sovereign Beings.




An Open Letter To My Fellow Female Friends and Goddesses ~ From My Heart To Yours

(This is not a political piece.  This is a piece focused on emotion, raising consciousness and healing.)

My fellow Goddesses~

I see you.

I hear you.

I feel you.

I see you standing up in solidarity to the misogynist machinations of the masculine patriarch that has kept you oppressed for eons.

I hear your cries of anger, of rage over the injustices you have all endured.

And I feel your anger and rage of your collective trauma’s.  The deep, abiding pain and the utter feeling of hopelessness and disappointment.

For I am you.

I too have been oppressed.

I have been held down because of my gender.

I have been told I cannot do this or that because I am female.

I have been told “you wouldn’t understand” because I am female.

I have been molested.  Raped.

I have been groped, been at the receiving end of unwanted cat calls, physically handled.

I have been told my body belongs to my husband.

I have been told not to touch myself “down there.”

I have been called a cunt.  A whore.  Slut.

I have been told I am being too sensitive as I cry righteous tears of anger and pain because a male just finished telling me how unworthy or stupid I am.

It ain’t easy being female, is it?

All of that being said, for all the expressed rage and anger that is coming out with these purposeful marches, unless coupled with thoughtful consciousness with the intention to heal, serves no purpose.

Am I saying not to express that rage?  That anger?

Absolutely not.

Get it out sister’s, I say.

However then we must remember what is underneath the anger and rage and be willing to show these emotions publicly as well.

The pain.

The disappointment.

That deep, deep, deep disappointment.

We must feel that.  We must allow ourselves to swim in it.  Let it wash over us as we release our individual and collective tears.

Then we must find forgiveness.

Forgiveness first and foremost for ourselves.

Forgiving ourselves for those times when we forgot our Divinity.

Forgiving ourselves for those times when we slipped into the role of the dominant masculine, becoming the very ones who oppressed us.

And lastly, forgiving the masculine itself.  Forgiving the men.

For our men are hurting too.  They are lost.  Confused.  They need us just as we need them.

For all of the injustice and control and domination and power plays they have injected into our lives, they too have been victims.  Just turn on any sitcom or commercial and you will see men being portrayed as helpless idiots, incapable of any deep, insightful behavior.  Go to a women’s gathering where it is not unusual to hear a variety of insults coming from the women aimed at their partners.  We slip into this lower-level of behavior because it has been done to us and we falsely believe it boosts our sense of self.

So in some ways, the system has painted us to become like them, and they, like us.  Both in ways that are utterly dis-empowering, for none of it is authentic.

But we can rise above that.

We have the chance to engage in a deeply spiritual, heart-felt, individual and collective cleanse in so long as we use conscious intention and thoughtfulness.

However, until and unless we are willing to go into our hearts and feel our pain and find forgiveness, we who are marching and protesting won’t be treated fairly nor will we be respected.  At least not in any authentic way.

So for my female Goddesses out there hitting the streets, please, I ask of you not to be influenced by media coverage or political pundit analysis, propaganda or hollywood elitism.  We have the chance to engage in a deeply spiritual, heart-felt, individual and collective cleanse in so long as we use conscious intention and thoughtfulness.  Let us rise above the destruction taking place on the streets and on our televisions.  Let us not cave to the divide and conquer agenda. And certainly let us not turn this into a situation of duality where our only agenda is to see the men as the enemy and we the victim’s.

For the system has made us all into victim’s, in one way or another.  Let us cry those tears of victim-hood and let us rise up, together, a create a new society where we ALL honor the Divinity within.

For in doing that, we will then again remember to honor the Divinity in others.







Love In Action Now’s Brief, Fair and Accurate Commentary On Mainstream Media

‘Nuff said.  Image result for smiley face image (i swear i crack myself up sometimes)


Fake, fake, fake, fake.

Busted – Cops Caught Giving Fake News To Mainstream Media Who When Report It As Fact


By Matt Agorist

Santa Maria, CA — As the war on alleged ‘fake news’ wages on, the establishment is losing horribly. All the corporate media and government’s war on fake news has done is serve to expose the most guilty — the corporate media and the government. From the Gulf of Tonkin to Weapons of Mass Destruction — corporate media and government have colluded to perpetuate the death and suffering of millions.

Government constructed lies spread by their mouthpieces in the media isn’t solely limited to the Pentagon and their blowhards. As a new report from the Guardian shows, fake news is also put out by police departments.

When Santa Maria police chief Ralph Martin was caught last week in a conspiracy to deceive the press and the public through the release of a fictitious news story, he was unapologetic.

“It was a moral and ethical decision, and I stand by it,” Martin said. “I am keenly aware and sensitive to the community and the media. I also had 21 bodies lying in the city in the last 15 months.”

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3 Powerful Practices For Working Through Fear And Negative Emotions

Editor’s note: This is one of the most insightful pieces on healing old wounds and trauma I have ever read.


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Justin Faerman, Contributor
Waking Times

“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.” – Dale Carnegie

It has been said that until you learn to control your emotions, they will control you. This is because virtually all human behavior is motivated by the pain/pleasure principle, which states that:

All behavior is driven either by the act of seeking some perceived pleasure or the avoidance of perceived pain and the avoidance of pain is virtually always a stronger driver than the possibility of pleasure.

When looked at through this lens it becomes clear why fear and other negative emotional states are such powerful and often self-limiting and self-destructive forces in our lives: negative emotional states are uncomfortable, and often painful to experience, which means we will avoid people, situations and circumstances that trigger them like the plague. For most people this translates to things like being afraid to quit the job they hate for something better because they have a fear of the unknown or not pursuing their passions and dreams in a big way because they are afraid of failure and not trying means that they can’t fail, or not forming deep meaningful connections with other people because they have a fear of rejection. As you can see from these examples, this leads to all sorts of behavior that keeps us from living lives that are wildly fulfilling, often sacrificing our deepest desires to stay within the limits of our comfort zone, lest we trigger any uncomfortable or painful emotional wounds. This limits both our personal and spiritual development because what we need to do to grow and expand along those lines often triggers insecurity and fear within us as we are stretched outside our comfort zones.

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Time Is Speeding Up

Editor’s note:  I always love validation of my own experiences.  Having recently been told that we have actually “lost” about 8 hours of our normal time and certainly having FELT like this is indeed true, this piece says the same thing.  I cannot accomplish what I once did – not even close.  Time is speeding up and it has nothing to do with you and I getting older.  As I sense, we will come to a void – no time – the energy grid of the matrix will collapse – and all that has been kept from us can no longer be hidden.  


is_time_speeding_upWhen I say, “Time is speeding up,” people just look at me and say, “It’s just because you are getting older.” I don’t think so. There is evidence that time may in fact be speeding up.

Firstly, one must understand that time is relative. Traditionally, we think of time as being a constant in the universe, but it’s not. Einstein proved that. His calculations showed that the closer an object comes to the speed of light, the slower time passes. Scientists have done experiments that prove Einstein’s theory to be correct.

So, if Einstein’s theory is correct, then the opposite must be true; if our speed decreases, time will speed up! Researcher Gregg Braden says that is exactly what is happening. The rotation of the Earth is slowing down, and time is speeding up. Evidence for his assertions comes from the Schumann Resonance. The Schumann Resonance is, in layman’s terms, the heartbeat of the Earth. In scientific terms, it is the Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) of the Earth’s magnetic field. In the 1950’s when the Schumann resonance was discovered, it was recorded to be an average of 7.8 Hertz. Now, according to Swedish and Russian researchers, says Braden, it is an average of 12 Hertz. That means that the normal 24-hour day feels like a 16-hour day. In essence, we’ve lost one-third of our normal daytime.

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8 Signs The World Is Undergoing A Paradigm Shift

Tim Bryant, Guest
Waking Times

Browsing through history, it’s very clear that the world has undergone many monumental shifts in society that have uprooted it’s very foundation in place of new seed.

A paradigm shift is a fundamental change in approach or underlining assumptions. For example, when Pythagoras proposed that the Earth was round instead of flat, the foundation of science and people’s understanding of the world was completely changed. Similarly, when the Industrial Revolution took place there was a complete shift in manufacturing, lifestyle, and economics.

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We Think We Are Humans – In Truth, We Are Infinite Consciousness

David Icke – We think we are Humans.


“The Big One” – Higher Dimensional Frequencies Hitting Now

ascension energies incomingThe Big Wave will unleash the Truth and this will stir Chaos in the old paradigm. However, the chaos is good because it will mark the end of the false reality and outdated modalities. It will be the beginning of the new Earth reality in the unified field of consciousness.

This Fall 2016 will bring the first stage of the planetary shift; the opening of Ascension portals that will allow all the Star gates to activate. This is what will truly shift us into a new Earth reality. We will separate from the third dimension and it will not seem as if reality is quite right. There will be a strange Feeling that we have moved some place and the world will seem brighter.

Ultimately, we will see a complete collapse of the current governmental/political and monetary system. ‘Money’ will be rendered obsolete because it will no longer be relevant to the new Earth reality. After this Collapse has become obvious is when we will be plugged in to the Greater Consciousness and the new Photon Energy of new Earth will emerge. No one will be able to suppress the free use of the photon energy. This will change our entire existence in to complete Universal Knowledge, including Travel and Education over night. The inner Earth people will introduce technology that will remove all radiation and impurities from the ocean. There is technology that makes everything clean instantly.

We are almost at the time of the most exciting experience you will ever have. For those of us who are ready, it will be more like a Huge Miracle appearing before us. It will be the most wonderful of all occasions. All will be redeemed and reformed in miraculous ways.


by: Romeo Baron

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