Tiksi, Russia Capture ~ One last time, perhaps?


Interesting how the read went from more of a sacred geometrical type of pattern to a sine wave and now, this.  And coincidence it occurred on the Solstice?  Hmmm….

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Insanely Cool Switzerland Mountain Coaster

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Switzerland Mountain Coaster

Where I Am Today


A picture sums it up better than words…


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Just want to clarify…


…that you all do not think when I speak of Unity Consciousness – a return to Source Oneness – does NOT mean I speak of the hive mind nor does it mean I speak of the concept of surrendering yourself, your individuality. Nor do I mean to stop “thinking”.  As I say, we are One but we are not the same.  We will continue to have our own experiences and perceptions.

At least that is the reality I am creating.

Out Of The Mouth Of Children…


Or shall I say out of the heart from a child directly connected with Source?

Last night I linked James Gilliland’s latest video ~ a conference he had at his ECETI Ranch in Washington State.  At around the 1:25:00 mark, there is a graph he displays showing the different colors of the light spectrum. In time he speaks of the colors on the far right – the white in particular – which will be coming in (what many are calling The Event, The Pulse, etc.) and which will awaken all.

Our child was in bed asleep when we watched this video last night.  We did not speak of it with her.

As I was putting dinner together, she walks into the kitchen and quietly places a group of lego’s into a graph-like format on the table.  I ask her what it is and she says this:  “Well, you see right now this is the energy field we are in (she points to the darker colors on the left) but when this (pointing to the white tall stack) comes in, we will all be hit very hard and mama, you are going to do nothing but sleep.  That is the energy of the new earth.”  She smiles.  I smile, in a bit of mild shock and amazement at what she had just shared.  How does she know this?  How does she know about energy spectrum’s and their associative colors?  We have never discussed this with her!

Here’s a picture I took of her display.  While it isn’t identical to what James presented, it is close and the overall message very much correlates with what James said in his presentation.

My Site Is Being Targeted


Stature, Pc, Access, Locked, Data

Ok peeps.  I have a security program (free version) for my site that has a program that monitor’s my web traffic and I have noticed a growing trend of people in places like Thailand, China, India and Russia (yep in this case the Russian’s indeed did it – ha!) are attempting to hack my site.  Daily now.  At first it was an occasional attempt at logging into my site.  Now this practice has become daily, hourly at times and added into this mix are individuals who are now attempting to send me malware.

It’s insane!  Apparently my site is now considered one of those “oooh scary spooky they are telling the truth” sites and hence, the targeting. I have the option of blocking the IP addresses, which I immediately do when I spot this.  However, these outfits simply create a new IP address and are back at it.  It is impossible for one person to keep track of.

I need to upgrade my security to the paid version but will only invest in that if I have regular financial support from my readers.  I also noticed my web hosting fee has almost doubled.  !!

And remember, aside from donations I also have products (book/journal, room and deodorant sprays) where you can get something in return for your $$ support.  A win-win, right?

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Energy Update


Good afternoon good peeps and warriors.

Now this is a new one.  I want to share and see if anyone else had this experience ~ or has had one similar.

I went to bed a little after 11:00 last night, crashed hard and awoke at 1:00am – wide awake.  As I lay there, I felt something come up from the earth, into the bed and at first I thought “earthquake” – only this time my entire body began to vibrate at levels never experienced.  (I checked for earthquakes – nothing local.)

Panic attack? I wondered.  Nope.  I felt calm.

I thought ok either an energy weapon pulse or another energy wave.  Then I remembered the article I posted here last night by Jenny Schiltz, where I read something I had never read before.  She spoke of incoming energies also coming from Inner Earth.  I remember reading those words last night and they stuck to my brain like glue.  That always means something to me and usually leads to the words I read becoming part of my experience of Truth.

After several moments, the shaking subsided and I was left feeling very serene.  I visualized moving the energy to the places in my body it was designed to go and let myself just BE.

About 20 minutes later, I noticed my mate stirring so I asked him if he felt something strange.  He said yes ~ about a half hour ago he noticed the bed shaking then his whole body.  He just went with it and chalked it up to incoming energy waves.

And there you have it.

Below is the nearest heliplot for our region.  It shows an energy pulse hitting between 1-2am.

Another “there you have it” moment.

Be well.  

Heliplot Image

Life Coach Recommendation


Anyone have any leads on a Life Coach?  Thank you!  

Another Good Destroying The Illusion Video ~ Plus Some Of My Own Words


Editor’s note:  Another good video.  This entire drama around this supposed typo by Trump – covfefe – is perhaps a message.  Ancient Aramaic.  The violence growing in the left community is startling to me. More than one of my neighbors has pulled a Kathy Griffin towards Trump in their talk of him. And it comes out of the blue ~ their anger is so at the surface and reactionary.  Nothing more to add to that one.  I do not engage.  I feel we’ve entered new timelines that are splitting. Last night during my nightly meditation, I ventured into 3 different realities/timelines.  The first one was down the path of the Trump/Political agenda.  That felt like molasses energetically so I left that time/space.  The second one was down the road of the RV/Nesara and the like.  That felt a bit better than the current reality but not what my heart is seeking.  Then I ventured down the road to New Earth Realm and that felt lovely – very buoyant and light.  Thus that remains my focus regardless of outside distractions. Stay in Love.  Observe.  And I say those words to myself as much as I do with you my readers.  Enjoy the video.

5.31 – Aerospace Exec Spills the Alien Beans, Trump Tweets & Civil War in Congress?