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Universe is speaking to me at lightening speed lately ~ I am having a difficult time keeping up.  Much of it is coming through some of you, my wonderful readers.  Today’s power message, well #1 (cause I had another come to me as well) is “I Create My Own Reality”.

This is one of those “no duh” philosophies, and yet I have been on the fence with this one.  On one hand I want to believe it, somewhere within I DO believe it, and on the other hand I think “yeah but what about xyz dark powers doing this and doing that and interfering with MY reality”.

Then I think back to this video I watched a couple of years ago that showed atoms changing based just on ATTENTION.  Given the human body is compromised of, on average, seven billion billion billion atoms (made up of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon – which is changing of course), this overwhelmingly shows the power we have just with our ATTENTION and INTENTION.

This has risen in me again over the TDA event I continue to watch.  I gotta admit, as much as I desire this, feeeeeel it and have envisioned such a gift for humanity going back over 20 years, I also pause and think “the people who have created this fraudulent system, under our names and personal information to make a lot of money, are not going to walk away quietly.  If at all.  And…how can we find a court system, of which all are under the system of fraud, willing to acknowledge paperwork filed?”

And then I had a thought occur to me.  All throughout these TDA messages, there is a running theme of being in alignment with abundance for this gig to work.  Not from ego but from Source.  Heart.  One of the people, on their own doing, was being rather rude and nasty about this TDA stuff.  He was upset with people asking a lot of questions and many not following his guidance.  In a nutshell he dropped a lot of nasty words in a recent video, telling people they were on their own, he was not gonna help as he once did.  Something in me said he better watch himself as he was no longer in the spirit of this movement.  To have frustration and anger is one thing of course (been there done that as have all of us) but to spew it out and attack your very viewers went up to another level and I immediately felt was going to have ramifications if he did not chill and do some healing/reflection.

I did my focused best to remain neutral without judgement, just feeling the observation I received.

Sure enough, he did have a very challenging life-opening/altering situation occur a couple weeks later.  He has returned, more humble.

All of this tells me it is indeed our thoughts individually AND collectively that is changing this system.  Being of Higher Vibration is assisting in bringing down the corruption.  Sending out ripples of loving frequencies, intending for those who have created this system that has been exposed, is going to have an impact.  Either they make new choices upon reflection or else they simply weaken and go away.  The incoming high frequency energies (another piece to follow on that by James Gilliland) combined with our own IS enough to bring down the house of cards and create abundance energy and systems for ALL.

Through attention.

And intention.

As I add after I make a new intention for myself:






Your financial, spiritual and emotional support of my work is greatly and gratefully appreciated!




Schumann Resonance For August 7, 2017


or should i say whatever day it is because i don’t really keep up with all of that anymore.  interesting read and even more interesting that i told my mate this morning, before even seeing this, that it seems this energy has consciousness to it, an intention and that it seems lately to hit us KABAM-style, gives us a day to adjust, then fires back up.  yeppers.  feeling this one in my BONES literally today.  wow – lousy night sleep.  total down day.  do not expect much from me today.  hugs to all.


Schumann Resonance Today

My Experience In Remembering My Humbleness


We have a neighbor who lives on our block.  She has some health issues, physical and mental.  Overall at this point she is stable and gets around on her own just fine.  We have looked out after her since we moved in.  If we notice certain behavior patterns/changes, we call her sister.  Her younger sister is a wonderful soul.  She brings our neighbor food, flowers and little things on a regular basis.  Visits her.  It has been humbling to watch.  At times painful as it reminds me of what I do not have with my own sibling, in spite of trying to connect at those authentic, emotional levels.  My family doesn’t do that.  They are very in-the-head, individualistic types.

I recall in my early 20’s I was quite individualistic myself.  That is until I began to experience episodes of panic.  It got to the point where I couldn’t leave the house, for awhile my own bedroom.  I tried all sorts of things at the time, both traditional and holistic.  Talk about humbling.  I began to see myself and others in a different way.  For a time.  Until I got the sucker under control by freeing myself of some things that no longer worked for me.  Then I more or less fell back under the spell of individualism.

Then life happened again.  And again.  Cost of living skyrocketed, my income stagnated.  Spouse got hit with health issues.  Relationship troubles.  I would find work only to have the company close up or my position no longer needed. Self-employment failures.  Being forced to move twice within a year with a small child took a further toll. More health issues for my spouse.

I continued to quietly reel downwards on all levels.

As I was experiencing all of this I began to soften my view on people who struggle – especially those who struggle long-term and/or chronically.  I had this old ridiculous family view that it’s ok to have problems – as long as they are temporary.  You deserve help – but only temporarily.  At a certain point, you aren’t worthy of help.  On your own, sweetheart.

Interesting how life will lead us through hell to see our own dark thoughts.

I still struggle with panic and at this point I don’t know what to do about it.  I have moments where I surrender it, moments where I fight it.  I have a couple of chronic health issues – physical as well – that I do what I can on my own to treat.  My insurance doesn’t cover anything alternative and mainstream medicine doesn’t recognize my issues.

Given all of this, I am now a pretty humble puppy.  At least towards those who struggle long-term – or even short -term.  I KNOW the pain with that.

Where I am not so much humble is my disgust towards those who have turned their backs on me – and others who struggle to live with chronic ailments in this individualistic system.  I also am not so humble towards those who have financial means to help their family members needing help with treatment, living expenses and don’t.  A friend of mine has chronic health ailments, pays a ridiculous amount of money in rent (because that’s what the system dictates) and often has to for-go certain treatment protocols and holistic doctor visits (again because mainstream docs do not treat or recognize her health issues) while having siblings who are healthy and very very much in the position to help pay for her treatments.  It is an issue that goes right to my core.  Going back 15 years or so I have prayed for and intended to be blessed with a financial fortune so that I could help people like my friend.  Whatcha need?  How much?  Let me write you a check.

I have often thought that kind of wealth and financial abundance has ended up in the wrong hands for far too many.

It is unfortunate to say, but for some of us it takes getting kicked in the ass to remember our kindness.  Our generosity.  Removing us from judgment and into those states of unconditional Being.

So today when I have moments where I am feeling some bitterness and pain, wishing I had much more of a real support system, a real family I can count on unconditionally, I will see my neighbor’s sister pop over to check in on her big sissy.  Arms full of food and as I said, flowers (such a beautiful gesture – simple but beautiful).  And while it still pains me, I smile and give thanks.  I give thanks to the sister and affirm our neighbor’s absolute divine gift to be treated this way (another belief I have had – the “i am not worthy” crap).  At one time I told our neighbor’s sister how wonderful she was – how it was a beautiful gift to me to see her care for and show concern for her sister.  For there have also been a few occasions when our neighbor more or less locked herself inside her home – police there – sister there as well, waiting, for a few hours, doing all she could to get her sister to just open the door, feeling helpless.

Throughout it all, our neighbor’s sister has hung in there with her.  For decades, she has told me.  Accepting her sister for who she is, where she is, meeting her at that place.

Beautiful.  Humbling.

And who I continue to become myself.

Intending FREEDOM


Image result for freedom images

Earlier today, this wall of emotion came over me.  I leaned over and began to purge.  Let’s just say in a variety of ways.  When I have these moments, I do not hold back.

A few moments later, I stood up, looked in the mirror and saw the anguish, the tears, the intensity of what I was feeling.

I.     WANT.     MY.     FREEDOM.

And I want it NOW!

This is becoming difficult.  The growing intensity of how much I want to live as my Soul is designed:  FREELY.

The state says I must pay to license my car.  I own the car outright. Possess the title.  And yet the state still says they claim ultimate ownership on my car that we bought with our money.  Excuse me but I do not see their name listed under owner.  Nor did they give me their portion of their money when purchasing it.

State says I must carry insurance on my car.  If not, they can impound my vehicle and charge me money.  A polite way of saying “we can come steal it and your money”.  Suspend my driver’s license.

I calculated recently:  The insurance industry and their scam operatives owe me over $300,000 for the money they have stolen from me over the years.  My “cost” to them?  A little over $200.  How is that a fair relationship?  Sounds like fraud to me.

What right does some bank have in telling me what I am worth?  My value?   What I am deserving of?  Assigning me some damn 3 digit number so I can be a card-carrying member of “my worth is tied up in these three numbers!”  Whoopie!


What right does anyone have in telling me what I have to pay to eat?  Keep myself warm and safe and dry?  Clothed?  And who the fuck thinks it is okay to tell me this very fraudulent system, who dictates who makes what, that I must pay the same price to LIVE as someone who makes a million dollar salary?

What right does anyone have in telling me what I am deserving of in a home?  Where I can live?  The size of the house?  Whether the house is clean or a shack.  Whether the neighborhood is safe and quiet or a hell-hole laden with crime.


Are they somehow even BEYOND and ABOVE Source?

Better than?

Source sure does not place these labels and demands on me.

NEVER has.

NEVER will.

NO.  NO MORE to that.  NO MORE to ANY of it.

Slowly I am taking steps in taking back my power. Going by my OWN rules.  Following what works for ME and Who I Am.

Remembering my WORTH.  My VALUE.

WHO  I   AM.  

Just like Rosa Parks who said “No” when told she had to move because of the color of her skin.  Same fraudulent system telling another Sovereign Being what to do.

This woman is standing stronger with each passing second in saying “NO” to anyone, any group, any system who pushes their will upon me.

That way of being is OVER.

I accept only the new energies of Freedom and Sovereignty.

From today forward.

And I invite you to do the same.





Some Words to Ponder On Reclaiming Our Power


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I write this piece every bit as much for myself as I do for you…


I used to read channeled messages and believe in them.

I used to follow folks like ArchAngel Michael and the other “Arch” angels. The Galactic Federation.  Commander Ashtar.  Sheldon Nidle.

My heart wanted their promises NOW and my desperation was so powerful, it made rather silent the Inner Voice that was ringing the b.s. bell.

Read the words of others.  However, please pay attention that you are not “following”.  Following as defined by accepting each word as Truth while dismissing your own inner voice.  Also defined as looking outside of yourself, ultimately, for the answers.  For the truth.

It’s easy to fall for this deception.  Been there – more times than I can count.  Think about it this way.  Many of us who are here for this Ascension Process ~ this journey of awakening to remember and release and heal and return again to Pure Source – we have had it tough.  Much of this third dimensional reality feels foreign to us.  Many have had abuse and health issues, ongoing quite often, and the like which we then choose to isolate ourselves from the world.

Isolation can lead to that state of desperation.  Again, been there – and continue to pull away from that state.

Tell yourself “I Am Source”.  As often as you can.  Even if we don’t “feel” it, keep saying it, as affirmatively as you can.  Say it slowly.  Say it loudly. Say it softly.  Just keep at it until you begin to feel the words in your body. Feel it in your Core.  In your Heart.  Keep at it and you will begin to experience the connection again in your body.  You will know when you have come Home.

One other issue I have dealt with is the need to please.  The need to show others who I feel have wronged me “SEE?  See how RIGHT I am now?  Do you approve of me now?”

D I S E M P O W E R I N G.

The only one there is ever to “please” is thyself.  Ever.  And even that is an illusion for being in our Full Source Power is just about Being and Knowing and Creating from that power.  We don’t stop to make sure we are doing ok or pleasing ourselves.  In Full Alignment we just know and thus Do.

So my personal rule for thyself is this:  I may choose to read these channeled pieces.  My red flags are anything that begins with “dear ones” and any information that says “we are working hard on your behalf”.

Ah, that last one.  We are working hard on your behalf.  So just wait dear one and trust in us.

While I believe we have Source Light Beings helping with this, far too many of these beings aren’t of pure source.  IMHO that is.  Pure Source gives forth energy that empowers.  It doesn’t dangle carrots of “hurry up and wait”.  In fact, as I am seeing and feeling it at this Now moment, I see that our Intentions of Remembering are working with and assisting the TRUE higher dimensional Source Beings.  A collective gathering, building energy that, working also with Cosmic Energies, are all creating the breaking down of the old false matrix energies.  It’s a rather quiet process too.  Not a lot of fanfare.  Just Source Beings DOING from that state.  None of this “lookie what we are doing for YOU.  Just hurry and be patient dear one.”

Does that make sense?  Let me know if it doesn’t.  I have moments I experience such as writing this piece where I FEEL the experience within but really struggle with coming up with words and sentences to explain the experience of knowing I have.

And another thing that I have read and resonate with.  When Source and Higher Self Source communicate with us – it isn’t with words per say.  It is usually with impressions and feelings that we then use our human brain to put into words so ALL of our Being can have the insight.  It’s also supportive. Loving.  Feeeeels gentle.  Solid.

I see the difference today.  I have indeed heard words of a masculine voice – authoritative.  False Light Crap.  Indeed NOT helpful.

ANY words of “we know best” or of doubt or judgment – toss that shit aside.  Say I do not consent to this.  Break down the agreements to follow this stuff.  And as we do, command and intend the return of our own energy we gave away to such agreements.

ANY words of “you are special because you are here to x y z…” – toss that too.  We are all special.  Such language is not Source.  It’s meant to feed on our fear of separation and loneliness and not being enough.  Our need for validation at the expense of going within.  No one is above another.  

Something else I notice ~ when I get a new insight and it feeeels so true and powerful – that inner doubting voice usually says “too good to be true”.

Again, TOSS IT.

Formula:  I receive an inner feeling and knowing that feels Pure and Source and All Possibilities.  Believe it.  Toss out the fear-based programming.  That’s all it is.  Programming.  We all know what fear is. No one escapes falling victim to that program.  But we can all break out of it.

So TOSS IT.  Give it a kiss on the way out.  Say “thank you – but no thank you”.  No need to go into drama over it.  Get to the place where it’s the same energy movement as is throwing away a tissue.  There are no stories surrounding it. 

I will leave you with this:

The mystic is not a special human being ~ every human being is a special kind of mystic.  Br. David Steindl-Rast, OSB


Welcome New E-Mail Subscribers and Readers


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The love I am feeling from your support is beautiful and I thank you for it. Each day I open up my e-mail box and I see more new subscribers is just a wonderful experience for me.  Blessings to you all and welcome ~ Victoria

Well now, this is an interesting observation…


...Coincidence?  I don’t know…

The Schumann read is down/blacked out.  And Live Meteors has not streamed live in the last 24 hours or so.

The conspiracy girl in me asks “what are they trying to hide?”  

Object Captured on Film Tonight ~ July 24, 2017


My mate was outside taking some shots of the sunset when he spotted something in the eastern sky.  He says it seemed as though it moved forward, stopped then went backwards.  He took a few shots before it disappeared.  I am uploading one of the shots and hopefully you can zoom in as that is the only way to spot it and my photo program will not let me save it as a zoomed picture.  It is due right of the wispy cloud on the upper left, where it comes to a point… over the house.

Welcome To My New Subscribers


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Apparently a piece I wrote awhile back made it on Cobra’s site.  Email subscriptions went through the roof today, likely as a result.  So as I have done in the past, I wish to welcome all of you new people and say thank you for giving me a chance.  As my main page says:  I hope you stay awhile and return. I seek to do my best to make your visit worthwhile.  


Schumann Resonance Read Today ~ July 28, 2017


You feelin’ this one?  WOW!  I woke up and not only felt I had gone somewhere the drugged-feeling is powerful.  In spite of, I feel pretty calm within and full of hope.

Schumann Resonance Today