The Vision Alignment Project ~ A Vision For Our Children


I love this one so much.  Sent in by a mama of 4 and a midwife.  Pure heart vision she has.

We see a world where children are heard for their wisdom, where we know they are one with the source, where we who precede them delightfully call out to the highest aspect of all souls as they enter life through conscious conception and sacred union. We envision a world where being a parent is a very holy occupation, where many are joyful in helping with the upbringing of our children. To honor the children, adults hold council with them on how to design their education and the creation of community that intends the highest good for all future generations.

We see the children having the freedom to explore nature, to spend great hours communing with the trees, the animals, the weather, the rocks, all aspects of their Divine Mother Earth. Our children easily absorb right action of respect, love of self, and love of all from the adults, as we understand that this gives us our greatest joy. As our children begin to blossom into adulthood, there are rituals to celebrate each of their passages, empowering them and us with true purpose. Celebrations occur freely and often, for all of their great accomplishments.

And we see all children being accepted for their talents, all of them having their inner light shining forth, a light that never needs to be dampened or hidden. All the children of the world sing their songs of freedom, and we are all blessed with the tones.

Sleep In Progress…

Too tired to write/do.  Over and out. 

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I don’t know why I’m here on this earth anymore other than to be a mother to my child.  And yet how am I supposed to do that without money?  Love doesn’t buy anything.  In my version of reality it does, but hey that isn’t here yet and how do I know for sure it is really happening? Those visions and dreams and intentions ~ how do I know for sure?

I don’t.

Going on blind faith has never been my “thang”.

What started out as a website I thought was to help unite many of us has dissolved into nothing.

I no longer know what I am supposed to do.

I no longer feel a sense of purpose.

I am trapped against a wall as I have said with no vision of how to get out.

I’m so desperate I am taking survey’s online now – which turns out to be maybe $3/hour.

Why can’t I get you all to commit to just $1/month?

This tells me you do not value what I do.

To those who have donated, I am so grateful.  That has not changed.

It just has not been enough for me to continue putting in the time on this site for free.  I have myself and a child/family to think about.

So with that, if anyone knows of someone who would like to buy this blog, let me know.

This is just another situation, again, where I put my heart into something and end up being abandoned.

I have visited this issue and done all I can to heal from it.

I just want to feel like I belong and that what I DO has value.

Why this ongoing rejection, I don’t know.

Surrender it all.  Which I do.  Daily now.

But still I wake up with a heaviness in my chest.

Why do I write these words?

Who will read them?

Who will respond with anything useful and truly loving.

I made a mistake coming to this reality.

And I made a mistake creating this site.

Expectations I have – yes I set them high – when I follow my heart.

Perhaps my ex was correct when he said “you wear your heart on your sleeve.  You do that and you will get eaten alive.”

I have been eaten alive.  He was right.

And I despise him for that as he is one of the 99% who refuse to awaken to their hearts, instead continuing the same pattern of darkness, projecting it onto others, dismissing suffering and calling foul when someone speaks from their pain.

God forbid someone asks for help, right?

I know what Love is.

I know what Love does.

That’s all there is to say.



Heart Is Where Source Self Is ~ Opening It Is Key To Ascension


I wanted to share this experience as there are many of you who have contacted me privately and some who have shared publicly how you are feeling at this time, which has been in alignment with how I have been feeling the past 2-3 weeks.  Apathetic.  Lost.  Wanting this whole shebang OVER already.  I wanted to share this to give you some Hope.  If that is what you seek.  

Sky, Clouds, Rays, Sun, Hope, Sunbeam

I read an interesting article yesterday, interesting in that there was one message I took away from it.  It was a channeled piece from Sananda and my goodness, how many people is this dude talking to right now? Anyway, as you all know I am not into channeled pieces much ~ but now and then I run across one that ignites a new spark of awakening within.  And those things usually happen to me when I have surrendered, which is about all I did yesterday and last night.

This piece spoke directly on how Ascension is solely an individual process and how we MUST not take a passive role.  While this article said there are no incoming energies to assist (I completely disagree with that statement), the piece did speak how we need to go within and remember to Ascend.

I admit to being a sleepy, playful little puppy.  I want this return to Self to be easy. Heck, I want EVERYTHING to be e.z.   If someone were to come up to me and say “I will wave this wand and you will be restored” I would take the offer.  As I still say suffering, much of it, is unnecessary. However, that does not seem to be how this Returning To Self is going down ~ not without challenges.  Grumble, groan, moan.  (Although as I said, I feel strongly that we are getting help.)  Do I have control over how challenging this is?  Yes, in some ways, I believe I do. Surrendering and not resisting are HUGE.  For me that is.  And they are my biggest challenges.  Lucky me, eh?

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SherryAnne Needs Our Help

Editor’s note:  forwarded to me via e-mail…
This is Sherry’s situation in her own words.

The cottage where I’ve lived for the past 8 years was sold at auction last July.  In Sept I went to Mpls to stay with my family/son and returned the end of February to take care of some appointments following cancer surgery last April.  A friend who winters in Sarasota offered her condo for me to stay in even after she returned to Mpls the 5th of April.  Arrangements that I had made to stay there until mid-June fell through.  The so-called manager broke into the condo and told me I had to move out (even though my rent was paid) so I had to find a place to stay immediately. I found out the next day that she does this to others as well.  My sister found a hotel for me to stay where I have been until last Friday when I had to leave because they were booked.  I’ve found another hotel where I’m arranged to stay until the 12th.  My sister has paid for the first hotel but cannot take care of this stay.  Because there are only a couple people who understand this whole process I am feeling very isolated at this moment.

I know we keep hearing that the exchanges are happening and are “imminent” for Tier 4 but that isn’t very comforting to me while I am racking up a hotel bill for which I have no idea how I’ll pay for.  I’ve contacted acquaintances in Sarasota asking if they, or someone they know, would have a room for me to use until mid-June but have not had any response.  My Mom (on the other side) keeps assuring me that all is well.  Easy for her to say. . .LOL

This past year has been one of the most stressful I’ve experienced in a long time.  I’ve been pretty much living out of my suitcase for 8 months. . .I am asking help from all the Zorra community in paying my hotel bill.  If we get the exchanges this week it’s a moot point.  I do have a Pay Pal account using the e-mail address.

Name:  Sherry A. Harvey


Phone:  850-420-2919

Right now I don’t have an address in Sarasota.  I am currently having my mail forwarded to my son’s residence in MN.  If that is the only option for someone to help me, his address is:

2676 Stillwater Street

White Bear Lake, MN  55110

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Spiritual Mentor & Lifestyle Coach

Sarasota, FL


I’m Now On Patreon

I will now also be doing personal essay’s on a variety of topics, including occasionally linking some of the daily notes here.  I invite you to like, share and join.

In Need Of Chocolate

Image result for i hate money images

Gripe time.  Having tech issues with the site.  Have spent the past 2 hours researching how to fix them.  Brain isn’t comprehending.  Hiring someone is out of the question.

I feel like Charlton Heston when he gave that famous speech and ended it by holding up his weapon and saying “from my cold dead hands.”  I rather feel that way about my money these days.  System wants it?  They can provide me a marketing and tech assistant, pro bono, until revenue comes in.

Until then, homemade chocolate will have to suffice.

Of which I am now shoveling into my mouth.

Another Lemuria Experience



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I had another Lemuria experience a few nights ago, friends.

I haven’t been feeling so well lately.  I’m currently working on healing what I believe to be a decades long issue of candida/fungus and so I started a treatment protocol about 10 days ago and I’m starting to feel the effects.  Mostly the biggest symptom being this drain, a new type of fatigue, where it feels like my energy force is being drained.  I’ve also been quite grumpy lately, and until this dream visit I had of Lemuria, I was feeling uninspired Spiritually and felt it was showing in my personal writings on this site.  And this was really bothering me. I figured my Higher Self and Source would guide me out of this if only I would accept and surrender, which I did.

The night of my experience, I went to bed about 2-3 hours earlier than normal.  I fell asleep quickly and, well, went to Lemuria (or wherever that place was when we were last High Vibe Light Bodies is).

And when I say I “went to” I mean I left my body and traveled.  This is a highly unusual experience for me.

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The Myth Of Over-Population and Finite Resources


I am finished listening to those who espouse the mantras of over-population/finite resources/not enough resources for the number of people we have.

NONSENSE.  These are leftest agendas promoted by people who are really practicing eugenics.

I remember years ago listening to video of a Scientist who was speaking at a conference on over-population.  There was talk of actually allowing certain viruses and the like to spread without human intervention/assistance to reduce the population.  Those words earned him a standing ovation.  I was appalled.  Would he or any of the other bots applauding him be willing to sacrifice any of his family members, let alone himself, for the “common good”?

Number one Gaia has PLENTY of land mass to house us.  And given we have been lied to by every facet of the system, it wouldn’t surprise me to discover we actually have more land mass than what we are being told.

Number two Gaia certainly does provide ample resources to provide for our basic needs.

The problem is the people running the system and how they have farmed the land, their gross management of public lands, and the pollutants dumped into the air, water and environment that destroys life.

We also have an archaic, unsustainable, spiritually bankrupt infrastructure.  Given humans only occupy approx. 10% of the land mass, the infrastructure (highways, biways, corporate farmland) composes approx. 75%.  Well more than half the population lives in urban areas ~ which are very unsustainable. Human beings ~ Spiritual beings ~ are not designed to live clustered together.  By design, we need and desire to live in nature.  Cities are a place to visit ~ not live in.

We have lost our roots, our connection w/nature.

We have lost our connection with one another.

This happened because we lost our connection with Ourselves.

We need to return to living in small communities.

We need to put an end to corporate farming and return all of that land to Organic Farmers.  Community farms, providing for the food needs of their local community.

We need to eliminate the big chemical companies who are guilty of poisoning our food, water, air, environment.

We need to eliminate the concrete jungles of highways, biways and the like.  Instead let’s release the flying car tech and introduce us (again) to the ability to teleport.

Taking to heart the words of John Lennon, there are no problems, only solutions.  Those solutions are doable and often right under our nose.

Comments Ending Up In Trash or Spam

Hello people~

I just discovered tonight that many of your posts are being put into trash or spam, which explains why they have not shown up yet.  I think I need to tone down the spam filtering I created.

Anyway, you will notice your comments now appearing.  Thank you all for your support and kindness!