Bloke reported missing turns up 3,000 miles away after ‘TELEPORTING’


This one gave me chills.  Found wearing the same gear, not sure how he arrived.  Expect to see more such things as we get this ability returned to us. Just gotta remember how to use it (to get us back to our original location).  


Constantinos “Danny” Filippidis, 49, from Toronto, was reported missing last Wednesday by friends who could not locate the man at the New York resort.

The married dad-of-two was enjoying a trip with a group of fellow firefighters when they lost track of him as Whiteface Mountain range was closing.

His belongings – including his identification documents – were discovered in his lodge, along with his car in the parking lot.

A widespread search mission saw hundreds of volunteers spend almost 7,000 hours scaling steep and icy terrain.

Rescue dogs and helicopters were also dispatched in a last-ditch attempt, as friends and family feared the worst.

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MrMB333 History Repeats Itself? Same earthquake, same magnitude, same location, same date 2 years ago. !!!




History repeats itself – Same exact thing happened at nearly the same exact time 2 yrs ago!

Published on Feb 6, 2018

Ok ~ WHERE ARE WE?? lol


or shall I say “when”…

here’s another strange time anomaly for you i just experienced…

first the strange “Q” drop dated monday the 22nd (when here in the states it is still sunday the 21st)…

now in an e-mail exchange w/one of you, i screen-captured the date that my gmail server said i sent the e-mail:  Monday, January 22, 2018.  (the next one i sent had the correct date – sunday, january 21, 2018)

maybe i need to be asking “victoria where and when are YOU?”

What Was Just Released Over California…



Oooh, chills with this one peeps.  My mate very rarely dreams.  And yet last night he had a dream of seeing a cluster of 3 orbs ~ in black and white ~ from the perspective of being above the earth.  He said everywhere he looked they began to appear ~ throughout the earth realm.  So imagine our WOW moment when we watched this video below.  I have this “feeling” that things are only going to get more “interesting”…


SOMETHING Just Released Over California..

Published on Dec 27, 2017

WTH??? Complete, AMAZING birds-eye view of the jaw-dropping sky spectacle from Phoenix City Cam


My mate’s analysis ~ team dark was trying to portal out.  Team light comes in through the left, enters the portal, does something energetically to stop team dark from leaving, keeping them here.  Who knows ~ I can get behind that theory.  Nonetheless, some really amazing footage over SE Phoenix tonight.  Share this ~ this one needs to go viral!  UPDATE:  I have watched this on a variety of channels with a variety of camera’s.  My feel is it was a rocket launch ~ with nefarious purposes ~ and the Galactic’s or White Hats/Alliance w/their advanced tech took it out.  


Complete birds-eye view of the jaw-dropping sky spectacle from Phoenix City Cam

Published on Dec 22, 2017


Interesting Sky Phenomena


Anyone seen this before? I haven’t so I’m curious to know what it is..

Posted by Brittany Smith on Thursday, December 7, 2017

Live Meteors Captures ~ December 3, 2017


This went on for several minutes.  I captured a minute and a half of it on my digital camera (divided up into the two videos below) until I received the “memory full” notice, so I grabbed my video recorder and recorded for over 2 minutes before the “signal” ended.  Now if I could just figure out how to upload videos from the video recorder, I would share it as well.  Excuse my jabbering away at my mate.  I kept signaling that I was recording but he walked in front of me anyway.  Just another one to add to the previous post I made about this ongoing, unusual signal occurring (captured by BPEarthwatch earlier today ~ check out his youtube channel for the actual video ~ all I did was share a screenshot he shared).  These ain’t meteor or radio signals.  Enjoy!


Steve Olson WSO ~ The Star Timelapse is IMPORTANT ++ More Australia News


“As you film the stars, not one should cross paths with the other…”  More proof (below) we live in a simulation.  Along those lines, I had an interesting experience tonight, sitting in my chair in the living room, alone, massager on my back, all was quiet.  In my zone space.  I suddenly “felt” the simulation in my body of my personal physical space.  I sensed it.  The frequency of it. It was quite bizarre. I could feel the struggle of the program to maintain itself.  I then saw the same yuck yellowish color which seems to be the underlying thematic color of the matrix program(s).  At least that’s what I have begun seeing it as, an experience that happened only very recently. All of this happened quite quickly tonight…  My mind still continues to “understand” these experience and the concept of the matrix simulation.


The Star Timelapse is IMPORTANT ++ More Australia News

Published on Dec 2, 2017

So WHICH leg again on McCain has this injury?


Woops!  (this is not mirrored, btw – it was taken from his twitter page – i verified)