Conversation With the DMV


the following is a true story.  lol


I phoned our Department of Motor Vehicles today to check on the status of our vehicle registration.  We submitted the paperwork 3 weeks ago and have yet to receive those ridiculous stickers that somehow give us permission from the STATE to allow us to drive.  Wow.  Whose arse do I get to kiss.

The WORKER looked up our information and it showed no new updates. He informed me “these things are taking 3 weeks now to process”.  I said in the past this was never more than a 7-10 day process.

“We are backlogged,” he said.

“You needed to include that in the paperwork you sent to us in the mail,” I said.


“Hello?  Are you still there?”  I asked.


No further response.

“Are you a person or a computer?” I asked.


“Since you won’t respond to my statement, how about you answer this one.  Given it has been close to 3 weeks since submitting the paperwork, what happens if the registration expires and the stickers have not arrived?”

“You will have to get a trip permit,” he said.

“But how will I get to the DMV then to get the trip permit if it becomes illegal to drive?  We only have the one car.” I said.


“Wow, you aren’t allowed to speak much are you?” I asked.  “Ok, so if it expires, I will just play this phone call for the officer then if I am pulled over as a result of your red tape.”

“Ma’am, you will not be allowed to drive your car if the stickers do not arrive in time,” he said.

I had had it.

“Listen up you sleeping douche bag, I am not a corporation.  I am not dead at sea.  And the state does not own me.  I am a living being.  Now it is MY turn to go silent.”  Disconnected the phone.

And you bet I will drive MY car.  Freely.

The way we ALL have the right to do.

‘Nuff said.


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