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For about 20 years or so I have intended for the kind of financial abundance that would enable me to call myself a “philanthropist”.  My idea has been simple ~ I hear of people in need of help due to financial reasons and I write them a check.  No questions asked (other than to make sure there are no abhorrent behaviors or addictions creating the situation).  No strings attached.

I know each of you reading this is fed up hearing this “hurry up and wait” crap the “intel providers” continue to spew, seemingly solely for ego intentions at this point: “lookit me lookit me – I and MY people have the financial answers for YOU – but you will just have to wait”.  Same message, repeated ad nauseum day after day, week after week, month after month.  You get the picture.


Too many have suffered for far too long.  Too much damn struggle while well-meaning but misguided people tell such folks the answer is to change their thoughts. Such individuals need to be telling those who created this deplorable economic system and who have profited tremendously off it it and us to employ new thoughts.

So I decided I can to my part in some way.  I created the new category “People Who Need Help”.  Brilliant title, eh?  lol  I like to keep things simple when I can.  Anyway, when I see/hear of someone in financial need, I will link it on that category.  It is my wish that you then turn around and share the story with people on your social media feeds and donate if so inclined.  We can even turn this into the “It only takes $1” campaign.  Enough people donating $1 can help tremendously – when the numbers are high.  I know myself at times when I have seen others in need, I feel like my ability to contribute just $1 or $5 or even $10 isn’t enough and it this has stopped me at times from donating.  But I have since changed my perspective and I know that the $1 or $5 I feel inspired to contribute has a lot of heart behind it and can lead to great abundance when shared with enough people who hold the same intention/perspective.

You know the saying.  Sometimes all it takes is one kind word to turn a person around.

And sometimes all it takes is a dollar.

Here is the link to the first “person in need” story in case you missed it.

Blessings of abundance and thanks ~



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