Creating A New Path for Hurricane Jose


Ok warriors and goddesses we have another hurricane needing some soothing energies.  Let’s do this again.  Focus on sending this storm system some soothing calming energies.  Keep it out at sea where it can dissipate on its own without any destruction.

I had the thought that while this may indeed be a part of a collective cleanse, when you and I do it, we do not need to harm other people, right? Doesn’t feel so good inside when we lash out so why would a storm need to do the same?

I would also add in my inner message to remove the name.  Names create more unnecessary energies when we think of male and female and the corresponding energies and behaviors.  Unless you are one who is able to be completely neutral when saying the name (I am not one who is able to do that yet), focused thought on that storm in the Atlantic heading towards the east coast is enough.

We can do this.

Much love,


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