Dash-cam video shot in Edmonton area captures strange bright light falling from the sky


if you can, enlarge the video capture and check out the faint object off to the upper left fall in alignment w/the main object…


WATCH ABOVE: Corbet Kratko was headed into Fort Saskatchewan, Alta. on Wednesday when he captured video of a bright light that appeared to be falling down from the sky. A spokesperson for Edmonton Fire Rescue said crews were called to a similar report in south Edmonton and other sightings were reported elsewhere north of Edmonton.

Incredible video has emerged of a mysterious bright light falling from the sky northeast of Edmonton with several people around the Edmonton area reporting seeing a similar scene.

Corbet Kratko was driving into Fort Saskatchewan, Alta. late Wednesday afternoon when something caught his eye.

“It was 5:20 p.m., and I was just coming in to Fort Saskatchewan,” he told Global News. “I was at the lights on Highway 21 at West Park Drive… and just to the northeast, (it looked like), a ribbon of fire came down the sky… it was coming straight down, it looked like it was getting thicker, wider… and then it just disappeared below the treeline.”

The video shows the bright light descending at what appears to be a high rate of speed, flashing brightly before it disappears from view.

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  1. Saskatchewan??

    Wow, the war above is bleeding through, slowly but surely.

    This is so much bigger than just US.

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