Detaching From The Programming


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Higher Self spoke today.  “You can be an awakened/awakening Being and still be programmed.”

This explains why I continue to see references to using care when speaking words.  So much of what we speak is automatic.  The way we react to situations.  Even when I tap into a new thought that I see coming from another, I want to make sure this is something I wish to take on.

Earlier I visualized on my body where I still feel “attached” to this programming.  I brought to mind the image of Neo pulling off all of those tubes and cords attached to his body.  He had awakened just enough simply by making the intention to know his Truth he was able to take that first step to seeing his physical reality and by saying “NO” to it.  Thus, because he was no longer vibrating at that energy frequency, off came the cords and tubes.

Awakening is like that.  The more we Remember our Authenticity, the more those old energy cords of words and behaviors and emotions and experiences and trauma’s we once thought were Who We Are fall away.

I had a belief pop up this morning, which showed me I’m still plugged in.  So as I stated, I visualized in my body where I felt this energy.  I imagined it as a tube attached to a machine, connecting to my body.  I then visualized myself pulling it off my body and then removing myself from this prison.

I have moments that continue to creep up where I hear “i have so much STUFF i am consciously removing ~ what if i haven’t done enough work?” However, the feeling of panic and fear surrounding those words lessens.

The willingness to surrender what isn’t US and remember ourselves as Source, imho, is enough for each of us.  Our brains make things so complicated at times which then brings out mr/ms fear… when I believe Simplicity (in its true beautiful form) is all that is necessary.  And I continue to deeply believe to my core that these massive “waves” of energy which vibrate unconditional Love, culminating with The Solar Flash, are making this possible.  As I have shared, I believe this upcoming Flash Event is going to literally strip away the last remnant’s of our illusions and pain and amnesia.  What people choose to do after this gift is up to his or her own free will.

Until then, I do my best to continue to listen in these Now moments, bring up what I no longer wish to carry and do what I can to release.  With love. And gratitude.


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