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As most of us are aware, this on-going change is affecting our dietary needs.

At the moment, my desire to stop eating meat seems to be matching the needs of my body as well.  Almost overnight, my body is all but rejecting meat.  The smell.  The taste.  I have intended this to happen for a long time now so we shall see if it “sticks”.  Years ago I attempted the vegetarian thing but felt so weak and run down, I felt my body wasn’t yet ready.

Here is what I am into in this Now moment:  Fruit.  Lots of fruit.  Berries. Melons.  Lemons and limes.  Oranges.  Mangos and kiwi.  Veggies – not so much other than root veggies.

Nuts and seeds.  Chocolate (dark, 70-75% cocoa).

Lots of butter and coconut oil for fat.

Water.  Coconut water.  Almond and coconut milk.  (We stopped drinking cows milk weeks ago.  Had to wean my child on this one.)

Perhaps slowly I am returning to the way I once was.

Yesterday I made these awesome granola/energy bites.  Peanut butter, seeds and nuts, vanilla, coconut oil and some rice puff cereal.  Mix together, pressed into balls and refrigerated.  OMGoodness – even my mate raved how delicious they are.

What are your eating habits right now?


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2 thoughts on “Dietary Changes”

  1. I am a certified Health Coach so let me know if you have any questions.

    You should try to supplement as well and take a probiotic/fermented foods if you can. Also, Essential Oils(love lavender, lemon, frankincense, grounding oils, orange)
    Let me know!

    1. oooh cool – i did not know that! actually i’ve been into holistic health and natural remedies for over 20 years so yes, i take probiotics and eat a lot of fermented cabbage and drink cabbage juice. also burn resins daily – frankincense, myrrh and copal – and make my own natural sprays/deo’s with e/o’s and now tooth powder. do you have a particular brand of probiotic you recommend – or any recommendations for sinus issues? i’m taking a product for internal candida – thorne sf722 – that i believe is tied into my life long sinus issue (untreated candida/fungus) resulting from a nose injury in 3rd grade that broke my nose.

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