DNA Upgrades in Process


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How do I know?  Well speaking for me, when I have big cravings for cheese and fruit (grapes in particular), I know changes are going on within my body.  Sitting next to me here is a plate topped off with crackers with melted parmesan cheese (personal favorite) and a cluster of grapes.  I know as we transition we will be eating a diet composed largely around fruit.

What’s also very telling is that last night around 2am, maybe 3am (can’t seem to get to sleep until then … going on almost 2 weeks now), my mate and I began to buzz.  Our cells, shaking, vibrating.  In fact he noticed it first and I said “Oh I haven’t had that experience in a few months.”  Yeah, I speak and then it happens.  Seconds later I heard “go within and feel” so I did and sure enough – the buzzing was going on.  I have a little feeling within, a little hunch, that the chance to upgrade is constant now ~ and when I call on it, it happens.  I know, sounds nuts, but that is what I am thinking.  Give it a try (and let me know what you experience).  The unbelievable spiking of the Schumann today definitely helps.  (Cannot express the joy I felt inside seeing that this morning~been waiting weeks to see it like this!)

Seeing that UFO frigging LAND over Mt. Adams by James Gilliland’s ranch has me feeling and knowing – it’s beginning.  I have put out all of my inner channels to ask for clarification and the go-to as to what I am to do next. Can you IMAGINE what it will feel like to connect with Being’s you once knew eons ago?  Can you FEEL that?  I already had that wild, amazing encounter 9 loooong years ago where every ounce of homesickness I have carried in this life was completely gone.  It will satisfy a longing I have had, consciously, in this body, for almost 10 years.  To say hello again.  Good to see you.  Oh wow, I am so ready for that.

We’re all ready for the party.  How many of us actually USE the word “party”?  Countless number of people I have met, encountered all have used that word – we are waiting to have THE party of all parties.  Not celebration. Not gathering.  But party.  As though we’re all a bunch of wild, enthusiastic, FREE Beings.

Imagine that!

Will be nice to put to use all of that practice I had during my teens and twenties.    Will be nice to have that energy as well.  Few could keep up with me back then.  Be awesome to hear my daughter say “Mom, slow DOWN!!”

Bring it!  

Love to you all~



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