Don’t Forget To Dance

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Tonight my little one reminded me of a very important lesson ~ don’t wait to do the stuff you enjoy.

We had just started to watch our favorite television program (the only program I watch on television) – Call The Midwife.  In the scene, there is a new Mother Superior and she is quite strict.  One of the nuns was in the living room, watching television, dancing.  The time period is 1962, so dancing was continuing in its popularity.  Well, Mother Superior wasn’t having it, calling the nun’s movements “gyrating”, to which the nun, a woman in her 70’s, was of course mortified to hear for she is about as proper as one can be for the time period.  Mother Superior then accuses the nun of not only engaging in such sin, she also says the nun had not yet finished doing her duty of filling the vases of flowers.

Upon hearing these lines, my girl announced to the television: “Don’t listen to her!  Don’t forget to dance FIRST!”

Don’t forget to dance first.  Such awesome, wise words out of the mouth of my babe.

How often though do we forget to do the fun stuff first?

We were all brought up being told dessert must be last ~ certainly after you eat those soggy vegetables.

We were told we could play after we finished our chores and did our homework.

As adults, we are told we can enjoy life after we work at our mindless, soul-less jobs.  A little thing called retirement, which brings forth huge sighs of relief for most of the populace.

We are told we must do our chores first and then we can play.

We are told we must pay our bills first then anything leftover, we can spend on ourselves.

We know all of this.

I do too.

So isn’t it time to break the trend?

Isn’t it time to dance FIRST?

Never forget to dance.

Never forget to play.

Never forget to giggle yourself into silly-land.

Never forget to eat that piece of chocolate cake ~ BEFORE you eat your vegetables.

Never forget to buy yourself something BEFORE you pay the bills ~ even if it’s a chocolate bar you slowly eat while watching the sunset.

Higher Self says be like the children.

And the children say playing NEVER waits.


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