My Dream ~ Trump, The Clinton’s, Oh My…


I decided to share the dream on the whim that someone may find it interesting.  I certainly do given I never “ask” for these experiences, and given I have had dreams of each president going back to Clinton, with what I have “seen” proving to be accurate, I take note when I have these experience.  The dreams of Trump (who as I have said, I did not vote for, however I do overall support what he is doing) have been unbelievable. Numbers alone, I believe the tally now stands at 8 since January.

Last night I was in the new earth realm.  Of note, my mate also had a dream of the same last night (new earth realm).  The weather, nature, etc. ~ near identical dream experience.  In mine though, I went to some special room in my house and there sits Trump on the floor.  He was smiling at me.  The impression I received was he is comfortable with anyone, in any given situation.  He knows when to lead and when to step back.  In my dream he was in a state of stepping back, allowing me to speak (unlike all previous dreams where he was in control).  Perhaps this is a reflection of what is going on now with the Saudi’s, the indictments, releasing of classified info ~ he’s letting others step up  to “do” after he gave orders.

After I shared the dream with my mate, he said he read yesterday where Trump is comfortable in any situation.  Ok then….

Moving on to the Clinton’s.

Both of them were in the room.  Bill was also sitting in the floor.  He said he was ready to repent.  His energy was very small.  Weak.  Hillary, who was standing off to my left, was not ready to repent.  She was very defiant, refusing to own anything.  Her energy was harsh, sharp and very heavy.  I observed the two of them briefly, then knew I had had enough and left the experience.

I thought about the last part of the dream later.  I spent a few moments imagining what it would be like to allow yourself to see all of the horrific behaviors one has created that caused so much suffering.  This goes beyond “yes I cheated on my mate” or “I stole a car once”.  I know the guilt, the regret, that deep pain I feel if I have yelled at my daughter or said something to someone I wish I hadn’t.  W O W.

To have that level amplified to the degree she will at one point face ~ W O W.

I felt some sympathy for her.  I wish her well on her next journey.  May she and all others who played the most horrifying of card games with humanity come to find acceptance.  Repent.

And forgiveness.

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