Dreams Are Definitely Becoming More Interesting


New people.  New places.  New experiences.

Last night was a myriad of dream experiences in different spaces, places and with different people with the same theme:  I was making portal’s. Using my hands as the guiding tools I was making portal’s wherever I wished.  I even tossed a tennis ball into one.  I have no waking idea where it went.  If I find a tennis ball in my yard I will definitely post that here first.  lol

It felt natural and I was so calm doing this.  No emotion to it.  No surprise. No “WOW HOLY COW”.  Just calm.  Absolute.  In the last one, David Wilcock made an appearance and was showing approval with words I did not understand.  I just felt the energy of what he was sharing.

Those multi-dimensional experiences and our abilities are coming online.


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