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I have been having difficulty speaking lately.  And chewing.  It’s as though my mouth is not doing what my brain wants it to.  I am also becoming quite clumsy in a new way ~ dropping things especially.  And it isn’t like I don’t actually pick them up completely – I do.  At least I think I do.

We had some friends over today and as I was speaking, I suddenly felt like my mouth was not moving the way I wanted it to, I bumped into the garbage can and for a moment I thought “what the FLIP is happening to me??!!”

But I do know that answer.  And tonight I had this thought that the false parts of me are shutting down.  Maybe in some way we are all robots – energy “parts” in this matrix – and as this matrix grid is getting ready to shut off – we are experiencing our own change within.  The old programs changing to make way for the NEW.  In short: we are prepping to get our super powers returned (DNA upgrades).

As I heard on a video in the previous article I posted that speaks of we are now ready to head out of the matrix – we are literally headed upwards as we exit this realm which is the exact image I received from my sacred tree this week.  I could feel her trembling strongly like a rocket ready to be released – and could see her rising in an upwards movement as she prepared to “jet on outta here”.  To not only hear my mate had the same vision but to hear this and read this describe by another tonight has me shaking like crazy inside with anticipation.  I feel another doorway within my awakening has opened.  If ever there was a time to be in the Being of Allowing and Observing with the utmost compassion and gentleness with ourselves, it is NOW.

So….back to my point….as we are quite literally being moved and positioned in the right “position” TO make this exit – this literal exit – we will feel this in our bodies with symptoms such as loss of balance, clumsiness, coordination issues.  I am spilling water on myself at times. Having a hard time keeping tooth powder in my mouth.  As I said today, laughing, “it’s like I am turning into an infant in some ways!”

Go within as much as you can.  And buckle-up (words I have been hearing in my mind for awhile now – words also received from my sacred tree as well as words I saw tonight the video I linked).  I will share any insight I receive.

That is all for now.

Much love.  Compassion.  Acceptance.  Strength.  Wisdom.


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  1. Victoria, It’s no small coincidence you have thought about the “robot parts” no longer working. I have had the same thought off and on for the past few weeks as I stagger along and, yes, sometimes catch myself drool. Out bodies are certainly in process of assimilating these incredible energies. What a trip! All my best, Jim

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