The Energies of Today ~ Maybe There Are Some Leftover Dark Straggler’s Acting Out In Other Life Forms


Ok, I have encountered three pieces today speaking of this experience going on at this moment – leftover lower density entities trying to create a little bit of havoc.  Nothing serious but enough to induce some moments of unnecessary fear in others.  When I first read such statements earlier in the day, I dismissed them.  Fear porn.

Well now I am “feeling” it may hold some truth.  And I say that not to instill fear – but to pass along an observation and a couple of experiences that have left me to think maybe there is some truth to the statements. I don’t really like writing up pieces like this – especially after I had such an awesome week overall.  But life in this dimension is a myriad of colors and experiences at the moment, although I continue to intend more of the beautiful, peaceful kind of both.

First experience came from a child who was playing with my girl.  He has exhibited some bully behaviors in the past, enough to warrant my mate and I to say until this behavior stops, no more play time.  After a time we were told the boy gets it, is sorry and the behavior has stopped.

Actions, not words, paint such a picture, although I remained hopeful on the words part.  Just two days ago he visited and the two kiddos played for awhile.  In time the kids, my mate and the child’s father were out back engaging in a variety of ball playing.  The kid wasn’t happy and was making it clear.  Inside I thought “oh no, not again…”  Moments later I hear yelling – from the same kid – and name calling – which he was aiming towards his dad.  Wow – a new level.  At this moment, my mate ended the playing and brought himself and our girl inside.  It was a warm day, the windows were open, so I could hear the ongoing battle.  I watched the child and his dad walk front to our sidewalk, the child continuing to yell, call names and now, hitting his dad.  Well that was enough for me.  I had to do something.  My mate said “stay out of it”.

“I can’t,” I said, walking outside.  I asked the father, who looked helpless, if I could say something to the child.  He smiled weakly and said “sure”.

So I told the child calmly but firmly I did not like how he was treating his dad.  His behavior was absolutely unacceptable.  He needed to show respect towards his dad and if he was going to insist on engaging in such behavior he was not welcome to play here.

Well that triggered such an intense reaction in this child, he screamed a rage I have never seen come out of a child.  I remained cool though and said “that is the consequence of your actions.”  The child turns around, still raging/screaming, and takes off for home, the dad following.

I had a moment, seeing this child’s behavior where I thought “I wonder if something acted out through him.”  Looking back since knowing this child throughout the past year, I can tell you that not ONCE have I felt fully comfortable around him.  In that spot in my core, something is “not right” with this child.  (And yes – he will not be playing here or anywhere with my child anymore.  That connection is over.)   I had someone say “some people are just born bad”.  I don’t like that thought but it isn’t the first time I have heard that opinion lately.

Earlier this evening, my girl and I head out on our walk.  As we walked down one of our normal streets, we saw a friend sitting out and next door, a couple I had not seen with a dog I had also not seen.  The dog was not on a leash, so I slowed down as did my child and I tuned in.  I didn’t sense anything unusual so I was quite surprised – and quite enraged – when the dog looked my way and immediately ran towards me, barking aggressively while lunging at me.  Thank goodness my child was already in the yard of our friend, so it was just me and the dog.  I made myself big, put up my leg and yelled “HEY!” – glanced over at the owner who just stood there watching.  “Control your damn dog!” I yelled.  So he calls the dog over.

No apology.  No “are you ok?”  Not from anyone, “friend” included.  (a term I use loosely at this point in my human experience)

I told my girl I was not comfortable staying and chatting so we turned around and went home – in the opposite direction.  This is the 4th time this has happened this year in our neighborhood.  I will now be bringing my billy club with me.  My mate has wanted me to but I have felt that would invite such a situation.  I walk confidently.  But apparently asshole-behavior is not quite done in this experience.

These energies are bringing up all sorts of behaviors in all lifeforms, two legged and four.  Are they acting alone or with the help of some straggling, dying parasitic entities who know their time is up and are clinging on, trying to keep as many people in fear as possible while they still have a breath to take?  I don’t know.

But I do know I’m not walking blindly anymore – metaphorically and literally.

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