Energy In My Body ~ Full On Upgrade In Process OH WOW!


About 2 hours ago me and my family were suddenly hit with a combo of giddiness and the sleeps.  My body also ached, in particular the bones and joints.  About 15 minutes into it, I began to giggle, for no reason.  After tucking my little one in bed, I was suddenly ravishingly hungry.  I walked into the living room and my mate said “are you hungry?  I’m starving!”

So at my suggestion of an egg, fried potato and cheese fried wrap he eagerly agreed that would be the perfect food at that moment.  I may have made this exact recipe half a dozen times throughout my life so not that this is a typical meal.  But it was one I needed at that moment.  Threw in some fresh pineapple, bananas and grapes (separately of course) and I was good to go!

Was it another energy DNA busting-open wave?  HAARP/chemtrail crap?

I am focused on it being an upgrade given my experience ~ that ascension flu stuff.  And given I felt – and still feel – rather blissful, I am focused on the positive love wave.  I did receive a “feel” from that upper left space in back of my head area that the full abilities come online once we are out of this realm.

I was in a very low funk last night, questioning all of “this”.  Have I just fallen for another matrix program?  Have the visions and dreams I have had been just a ploy to get me into another control system?  Is it best for me to just let it all go and focus solely on this 3D realm?  As I drifted off to sleep I said what I wanted at this moment was to feel the magic of Life again.  Then I felt myself wanting to live someplace warmer.

Upon having these pre-sleep feelings, I went on to have a very vivid dream where I teleported myself to Australia.  There’s a warm place where I may find some magic, right?  I suddenly appeared on this grassy knoll by a lake.  There was a group of people sitting on blankets ~ none surprised to see me suddenly pop in.  They all smiled at me.  I asked where I was.  “Australia,” a few of them said.  WOW, I thought.  I teleported myself all the way to Australia.  I asked on which coast line and they said “eastern”.

I glanced around and saw a small village of these cob-like homes and thought how quaint and peaceful it was.  The next scene I was renting a two-seater bike for my mate and I (who apparently had joined me) and we took off on a bike ride to explore the coastline.

Two out of three of my most-desired abilities – flying and teleporting – I have dreamed of doing just that the past few weeks.  Instant manifestation being #3.

In other news, we have another “journalist” being fired for more of that dark crap.  Likely just a “fall” person while the most guilty remain behind closed doors.  Those doors are being opened though.  There is no more running and hiding.

Now if you will excuse me, I must put heat and massage on my body.  And zzzzzzzzzz.  Peaceful blessings.  



Thank you so very much for supporting my vision and my work.



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