Energy Symptoms and a Thought


Strange sleep cycles.  Nausea that only leaves when I eat.  Very little appetite – only eating because I still believe I need to.  Intense desire for solitude.  Intense desire for quiet.  Itching on right side of body ~ palm, side, area on leg.  Appeared suddenly after my shamanic experience on Saturday.  So much releasing took place that night, I am questioning whether I will do that particular exercise again as I feel I over-did it.  Not sure all I needed to release was released.  At this point just asking for a galactic wand to totally rebalance my energy field ~ within and without ~ total restoration.  It is absolutely not necessary to relive every fucking trauma/painful experience in order to heal from it.  Matrix programming.

Noticing old remedies I once employed no longer work or are not as effective.  I can deal with that as long as I have something NEW to use. Seriously tired of the same issues not responding to my attempts to heal/resolve.  Same for food.  What exactly CAN I eat?

My body and heart and mind knows it needs something NEW.  Needing a little cosmic help with this.  Today it was mentioned I need to remain calm, in control.  And yet I also think ~ that has been my focus for most of my life. Chill.  Get a grip.  Maybe I need to let myself go a little fucking crazy (in a way that benefits me – you know – the good kind of “crazy” lol)…

I had a thought come to me as I have seen and heard of others becoming more shut down, retreating further into their shells meaning not wanting to expand, embrace the new, see the reality around them for what it is and has been (and of course NONE of us are fully aware of the deception ~ for me all I desire to know is where I am and FULLY Who I Am and to have that I AM fully restored again).  It’s a sign to me that the matrix programming crap has indeed been dissolved and people are in panic mode.  What programming do they rely on now?

That is all for now.  Going to unplug from this matrix ~ what remains that is ~ for the night…


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2 thoughts on “Energy Symptoms and a Thought”

  1. Releasing on 11-11 must have been intense. Itching above my butt…huh???
    Just want animals & nature. Judging the many who are my family and asleep….not looking forward to my favorite holiday…Giving Thanks. No one there will truly give it sincerely.
    I find less and less resonance and patience with some folks I did before,

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