Energy Update ~ 2/14/18


Deeply resonating w/this one.  Itchy skin.  Mouth issues.  Vision issues.  And this deep descent into depression ~ very low feeling/heavy/dense energies.  It’s “Love Day” and I have a feeling of “who cares”.  Just letting myself be as I know within this is all (supposed to be) serving a purpose.  right??


Morning all on this joyous day of love.
Just wanted to give you a heads up on what has been in process cosmically.
I have recently talked to the collective about this new grid system heading towards Gaia and her loves.
We are just shy , a week, before the “ Diamond Emerald/Gold Ray Flame “ grids will enter our Solar system. 
It is the Truth Ray. Placing everything back to its original truth , before the disintegration of Gaia , and dark penetration.
Teams last night Pleidian , and Sirian , Security , as well as task teams are holding space for the entrance.
I and my teams are collecting calibrators, stabilizers etc. to assist connection to Master Portal of Rose Gold Ray.
It’s all about gracious alignment, if not it will be a rough landing. Which in turn all
Sentient beings will feel the drop , a little more challenging than needed.
You are feeling the effects of this movement , sea sick ,nauseous , sharp side of head pain , itchy skin , blistering in the mouth area. Eyes having a harder issue to focus. (Preparation for new light spectrum )
It’s also having us dip temporarily into lower echelons of being. Forgive, it’s just temporary.
Threshold will also be sharp pail like sensation in the 1st and 2nd chakra. Again you will smell a type of burning or sulfur in urine , and other. Carbon transmuting to crystalline. DNA.
It has to leave the vessel some how, lymphatic system will have sore spots and swelling , caused by density evacuation.
Our transitions to Pure Golden Truth , are somewhat interesting. But , again, necessary.
It might be described as birth canal. Pressure , influx /outflow. Not wanting to handle it anymore. Weepy.
Tribes it’s all temporary.
It truly comes down to full Heart Love.
Speak from heart
Feel from heart
Listen from heart
Act from heart
It will be so much easier for full transition.
Use tools given , if you lost the tool box , or didn’t start one , ask !
We are all here to share. If teams are free , doors will automatically be opened. If not , go within , it will all be orchestrated from all Kingdoms of Light.
We serve you in Love And Light ,
That is all for now:Cosmic Heavenly Love to All.
Commander Zoraya /Sa’ra ,in Earth spirit Paula

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