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Wow we are shifting at huge speed now
Hold on to your hats and open your hearts
Keep in the flow of love, hi frequency and positive mind
We are being activated into the super consciousness at a fast rate, many are feeling Vertigo, aches n pains in the body, sore dry eyes, pressure In The head, mistaking it for a head ache, shaking or inner vibration, there are many more symptoms,
it is normal, your whole cellular structure is adjusting to the new higher frequencies of coded light as your DNA is is opening, light coded frequencies are poring into your body, all things on earth and through the cosmos, are receiving this light including Earth herself, everything is being adjusted and raised in frequency,
Your whole consciousness is being expanded as these cellular changes take place
Don’t panic, know that this is part of the remembering process of who you truly are, a magnificent being of powerful light
Keep your heart and consciousness connected but vibrating from a loving aspect when you are dealing with any thing in life, keep in the universal flow, non reactive, calm and at inner peace, this is the way you will sail through this process of adjustment
Go within and Know who you truly are before all the programs and conditioning, there is no longer any need to carry what happened to you in the past, you are regenerating your whole being into the new paradigm, the new human blueprint
Rejoice and be exited as abundance and manifestation power is in natural flow when you are at your highest frequency
Flow flow go with the flow
Much Love Ginny

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