Energy Update – Crystal Skull Activations

Editor’s note: While I follow these energy updates, I don’t post them much on my site.  However I wanted to post this one given what I experienced today during rest time.  It was a definite first and it perplexed me for a bit. As I laid in bed, eyes closed, I heard this loud, piercing ringing just outside of my right ear.  It didn’t hurt but it was enough of a noise to make me sit up and ask out loud “what the hell is THAT?”.  I tuned inward, relaxed and felt it was incoming energies doing their thing to my body.  Then I received confirmation reading the piece below. Gotta love those moments.  I have also been having an unusual amount of gas and bloating – even for me and my sensitive polish tummy.  

Energy Update ~ Crystal Skull Activations

By Lisa Brown, 09/23/2016

OMY Huge… Crystal Skull Activations…… They started a couple hours ago and increase in power. Wowzers’s on how intense these are. (We love intense, while we moan through it all, and no we don’t require pain here, that’s the old way). Expansion of the bones & teeth are an understatement. Right ear adjustments too. Pineal feels like it’s about to explode…. These are awesome as our bones become more “bendable” for “shapeshifting” as they release density and make more space in the physical bone itself… This plasma energy will take your breath away while it works through the system and yes nausea with the amount of gas activating can be substantial for some…. Throat muscles, brain… seems we’ve got it all going on….. breathing breathing breathing… no resistance (which causes the muscles to tense and make it “worse”)…. total flow… lots of turmeric and now adding in some MSM, already brushed the teeth/gums (as the teeth absorb foods/liquids and that is painful in itself)… Neem Mouthwash… oil pulling in a abit….. Off to run errands and get outside to see if the intensity subsides, since nature always brings balancing energies…….

WE love upgrades! We love expansion. We welcome, embrace and breathe through these alot… oh yeah, tongue swells with these too. Seems everything is a part of upper body calibrations, since the last 2 weeks was lower body and now that’s gone. lol. Gotta love it!

Just sharing for those who notice/experience too. Oh yeah, crystals/start particle still activating under the skin/eyes too.

Usually we go through a huge period then it subsides… dunno if this is an all-day thingy or just a few hours, yet it’s only 1:44 p.m. here now… so I guess we shall see! Happy galactictivations loves! ♥

p.s. I ain’t a woos and I can handle the toughest… we’ve been doing this for eons/this whole lifetime, yet this part of the phase is going to push all of our bodies hard, because of how much we’ve got to anchor in/embody right now, infusing light through the depths of the core of every little particle of our bodies now… While those entering “higher self LightBody mode” may not notice much at all, for there is a part of the process where you don’t feel the body for while. Then there’s the human that is primarily still carbon-based and chalks everything up to sickness or injury or diagnosis or whatever……

Cells/crystals are charging and shaking in our bodies too. Inner Earth should have movement and possibly some “shake realities” stuff up too.

Okay. Back later. It’s ship out packages of awesomeness time! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

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