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Had quite the dream last night.  I surrendered and felt myself drowning in water/sand.  Totally let it go as I knew I had no control.  If I drowned, so be it.  Interestingly enough I didn’t drown – just was in the middle of it as I was pulled out of the experience.  Working with a Shaman is bringing up the strongest levels of emotions ~ emotions I already knew I had.  Gonna do my first journey experience later this week.

Depths of emotions rising making me shake, tremble and want to move my body and be hugely expanded.

Either that or I am going crazy.  Take your pick at this point.

Seems the feelings of bliss increase as do those times where I feel I am losing my mind.

Bottoms of my feet hurt.  I just want to sleep.  Grocery shopping is on the list today as is doing yard work that has been put-off for a neighbor.

Sleep is much more uh I cannot come up with the word.  Desirable.  Yeah, that’s it.

Difficult to get the help I deeply need on this day as my mate feels worse (physically).

Yes, that was a brief moment of bitch and moan poor me.

If I am not authentic with myself at this point those things fester with the rest that remains within and I want ALL that does not serve me OUT.

That is all for now as my hands appear to not know how to move as my mind doesn’t know what words to use.



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