An Exercise In Transformation (w/a touch of fun)


Dance, Ocean, Sea, Silhouette, Sun

Well, I wore the grumpy hat late in the day.  It’s hot out here and smoky, which cuts in on bikes and walks and trips to the park.  I wasn’t having it. Something told me to use the time to do some fun stuff inside.  So we played blocks for awhile.  I then played the piano.  Was I satisfied?

Not one bit.

I have moments these days where I think my Highest Self has gone incognito – at least when it comes to guiding me as to where to go and what to do next to create this change I so much for it feels like a balloon in me waiting to be popped only I don’t know where the pin is.  My god the frustration around this.

So those thoughts began to rumble through my mind.  By the time dinner came, I was not particularly wanting to be around my family much less my own mind.

After deciding to just face the heat and haze, I took a walk and played some frisbee with the small person, then hit the showers to soothe my hot, dusty body.  It was in there I remembered my own words:  Bless everything.  Every.  Single.  Thing.

So I did just that.

I blessed my grumpy moods.  I blessed my frustrations and fears and feelings of stagnation.  I blessed my tired body and my wrinkled knees (when did THAT happen??!).  In time, I was doing a little dance and singing.

Mood ~ transformed.

And there you go.


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