An Experience With Instant Manifestation


A few weeks back I heard Michelle Walling speak of her sudden ability to manifest at times instantly.  I started to notice I was having this same experience ~ at least a couple of times.  Resulting from the plethora of energies and their specific frequencies, what they are doing to our physical bodies plus our work in releasing what is not truly serving us/not really Who We Are, are making this experience, this ability, blossom.

Two nights ago, I thought of this as I watched game #6 of the World Series.  Twice I intended to see a home run in a particular batter and each time a home run was the result.  I forgot about the experience until tonight.  I had the game on and was checking one of my pages.  I saw a post from Gregg Prescott where he shared a personal experience in instant manifestation.  I thought of my experience in manifesting two home runs and thought to try it again.  As the next guy to bat for the Astro’s, George Springer, stepped up to the plate I said “I want to see a home run”.  I checked in to see if this was possible, heard “yes” and said I would like to see a home run out of this player.  Anyone who watched the game know he came through with just that.  That is when I heard/felt the Astro’s would take it – 7 to 2.  I was close – 5 to 1.

Still refining my abilities.  

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