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Today has been an unusual day energetically speaking.  At one point I felt I was purging my own stuff, another point, the collective.  I could feel the energies breaking down in the masses, the perceptions being challenged, all of the old programming crumbling.  If this crumbling is not allowed into ones Being/being, the upcoming weeks are going to be extremely painful.  Can anyone say cognitive dissonance breakdown?

Yes, that is what I felt.

So I knew it was time for me to head out on a walk and move this energy through my body and get it out.  No real desire to play the empath role any longer.  Headsets on, I began the walk with a lot of physical movement.  Playing on my voice recorder was a recording of an awesome funky dance tune.  I wanted to dance. Why not, I thought.  So I broke out in dance movements.  I twirled.  Funked down.  Walked backwards down the sidewalk.  Sang out loud.

Totally and completely embarrassed my child, but as I say “at times that is my job to keep you aware I am a human being and not just a mama”.

In time we came to the path that leads to my Sacred Tree.  As we approached, I did the usual greeting.  Placed my hand on her.  I felt she wanted me to lean into her, with my back, so I did that.  Felt very nice to feel so supported that way.  Oh how I am ready to let go of all of that isolation and feeling like I am doing far too much of this experience alone. I began to think about wanting and needing my tribe.  As I had that thought, I heard her say “do one of your ceremonies for me”.

What a beautiful request, I thought.  I was very willing to comply.

So I turned around, stepped back a foot or so and intuitively put my arms out at their side.  I imagined I had my tribe standing there with me, holding hands, making a circle around the tree.  Upon doing this, my cells began to vibrate.  Memories returning of how I once did this so long ago.

And how I so long to do this again.

Tears formed and easily fell.  I hummed a tune and sent her my energy.  I thought “we did this to give back to our trees for the energies they give to us, for the shelter they provide us”.  I had a knowing appear again where I knew we are supposed to live surrounded by trees.  We are ONE with them. I have had this “knowing” for over 20 years.

This is why, in the new realm, I have continuously seen my house being surrounded by this beautiful, lush forest of tall pines.

With that I said my good-bye.  As I walked away I felt “see you on the other side.”

Ok then.

Until next time…




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