Experiences For October 15, 2017 ~ Sleep. Ease.


I cannot quite fathom this fatigue I am experiencing throughout the past several days.  Normally on sunny days like today, warm days, I find energy to go for one of my power walks.  Overall I have this continued desire and need to just SLEEP.  Naps daily lately ~ even on these beautiful sunny days.  If I don’t have a nap during the day I am crashed out on the couch after dinner.

My desire to “DO” is at an all time low.  To be around people.  Go out and about.

I did go out last night and visited with my Shaman Healer for the first time in person.  It was an amazing experience and I may write about it later.  For now I am feeling the need to keep it just to myself.  I can share though that my long-held desire to learn how to work with my own inner healer and the energy that comes from my hands seems to have been met. After being told by Reiki Practitioners that the Reiki Healer never receives energy, I was informed last night there is a method that uses a symbol for receiving and one for healing and is based on Mother Mary.  The Divine Feminine.  Not only that, the Shaman can teach me.

Very vaguely, early this morning, I was semi-awake and felt this amazing experience/feeling of bliss. I could “see” white warm light all around me. When I woke up fully a few hours later, I recalled the experience and felt the Schumann must be spiking.  Nope.  Nothing “significant” to report (3 days now).  Am I creating this on my own now?

The old system ways of paying bills and even now, cooking meals – those “rules” and “should’s” – again at an all time low.

After breakfast, I had some energy (some) and decided to organize an area of the house.  Cleaning up.  Clearing out energy.  Later on, sitting in the sun and just Being, I recalled the experience and knew – this behavior of mine is covering up the real need – the need to do internal housecleaning in my own Self.

I appreciated the insight.

And as I began to dig fatigue washed over me.  I just don’t want to do that at the moment.  I feel I am OK as I am ~ right now.  Whatever “stuff” needs to be examined and released can either be done at another “time” or be done while I am resting/sleeping – on its own.  Without effort on my part.

For I am desiring my life and my Doing’s to be effortless.

Much like knowing “must sleep now” – and my beautiful comfy couch is there, awaiting to provide me the support I need in that moment.  And much like now – the dinner on the stove is done – and my beautiful mate is there, to take care of it for me.  Providing me the support I need in this moment.

And so it is.

Much love.  Quiet.  Bliss.  Sleep.  Ease.



Thank you for supporting my words, my work, my effort, my energies.

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4 thoughts on “Experiences For October 15, 2017 ~ Sleep. Ease.”

  1. Yup, not much motivation here except to observe nature. Don’t want to have conversations about things that no longer matter. Difficulty being around a table with my family who say nothing.
    Whiter shade of pale.

    Just observing..so interesting.

  2. Namasté greetings Victoria and light family,
    gratitude and thanks for sharing, everything does seem to be flowing in its way as we grow and change.
    wishing you every abundance.


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