Feeling The Experience of Freedom


As I progress, as I purge, as I remember – Remember – I become more in tune with the frequencies of Freedom.

I remember hearing David Icke’s definition of Freedom about 15 years ago. It resonated so strongly with me ~ awoke something within me.  The Goddess.  The Source.  The Lioness.  The Warrior.  His words have remained with me ever since.

“Freedom is the right to live as one pleases and chooses in so long as that choice does not interfere with another’s right to the same freedom.”

Today I may have less words and perhaps different words, but that doesn’t matter.  The explanation.  The definition.  For me it is a feeling.  An energy.  A feeling energy of experience.  I know what Freedom feels like.

And I know that is why I (and so many of us) are here.  To see a return to our State of Freedom.  Certainly it is why I am here.

Back when I first heard David’s definition, there was a lot of static in my head.  A lot of questions.  Stories.  I see it as an exploration through my doubts.

Today when I awoke, I felt the experience of Freedom.  And I knew – the static has been cleared.

A growing inner “roar” has manifested within me when I read things like “we have to know hate to know love” or “we agreed to that” (fill in the blank traumatizing experience). Karmic contracts.  Reincarnation. Lessons.

ALL of these violate inherent Freedom.

Unless of course once chooses to go that route.  You will of course continue the reincarnation cycle as was artificially created (die, return, mind erase, endless searching to “remember” so you can “get it right”).

Who wants that?

Well, maybe some of you do.  And I would never think to apply force to have that experience.  I honor the Freedom in All.

I am ending this experience for me.  And at the same time, because I so long to see all of us truly Free, I will now speak out, passionately at times, when I see (what I feel are) people still locked into old programming that was NOT Source created but instead was someone else’s definition for our way of Being.

It isn’t necessarily the experiences I have an issue with.  It is the “this is the way it is and you have to go along with it” freedom-destroying energy program.

Source requires NOTHING of us.  Just Be.  Create.  Experience.  Freely.

Allow others the same experience.

Creating and experiencing as we go.

I for one am ready to return to my Original State of Pure Freedom Being.



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Author: Victoria1111

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3 thoughts on “Feeling The Experience of Freedom”

  1. Hmm, thanks you for managing this site. I recently had a need to release attachment for “light forces” looks like your need for freedom is congenial to my need to drop all that liberation stuff. I only follow your site and Kp from now. Cobra turned for me into never ending story of we cannot tell you whole truth because you would not thinks so good about us. This is a copy paste from my blog/internet diary (Whatever it means). It may look like Im venting of my pique but it liberated me once more:
    ” So Im no longer service for others lightworker type. Yep, no service for others, just for myself and beings important for me. I read last Kp message and it resonate with my situation. I changed in which way Im now going. No longer in those mass meditation and ascesion liberation type way.

    I realised a new perspective for ascesion and planetary liberation: if you have an old house that require to demolish (Old Cabal matrix) and you start to remove and replace things, you still are in this house, you break the old wall and put some window there for sunlight but yet you are in house. It`s no matter if the renovation is 10%, 50% or 99% you still in house, only its changes but you still technically in house. That why Im drooping from dissolving this mold (disaster), building new wall (new energetic grind) or any other fixing work. IM out of house!

    If really this so called Event ever is going to happen it will be! If this is scam then it will never happen! coma. period. Source will do whatever it wants. Why because it Source itself, it really doesn’t matter what anyone wants because we are not the one deciding direction, we can only slow down or speed up but not change it.

    Thats why Im not going to stay in this house! Im not going to be between: old paradigm, old paradigm slowly dissolving, new paradigm not fully manifested, new paradigm. That kind of gradient is not interesting me right now.

    I was here to incarnate and experience first days of anything you put in label “New Gaia, New Earth” in 1995 yet everything moved from it. Im not gonna hold myself in coffin of: “are we there yet?”, or “yes the energy are signalising we close to breakthrough until anything happens” etc. Im not saying Im going to drop any spiritual practice I have. I will NOT participate in mass meditations for dissolving anything from ancient space time barriers to santa claus. No thanks!

    If someone say that`s why we cant have nice things, then my answer is: “it doesn’t matter for me”. I AM a free being. If I had any “special job” to be done here feel free to pick it up. That job position is now vacant, feel free to apply. I will wait a bit, so you can done your “job” and take my “job” for overtime. It doesn’t matter because I AM not in this HOUSE with you.

    And I AM right now going into Absurdism with my lightwork, energie chanelling because it doesn’t matter what I will do for this world, only the Source here will decide what has a meaning and what not, and I AM not in position to comprehend Source.”

    Best regard for you.

    1. i remember i used to all but drool over deepak. he was necessary for me for a time – but stopped resonating. it’s like he didn’t go far enough down the rabbit hole. 🙂

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