Once Again With Feeling ~ NOW is the Time To Intend Our Desired Outcome


I was listening to a video awhile ago that spoke of alchemy and a couple of corporations that create technology that has enabled the elite to see the future outcomes of their plans and adjust accordingly.  Pretty sick and twisted, but no surprise.  Heard of this practice years ago.  And yet because we HUGELY outnumber them and because so many of us are awakened ~ I would say well over half of the entire population can at LEAST feel within how wrong – certainly “off” everything is.

It is time to step up and INTEND our desired outcome.  Master Alchemists we are.  Awesome usage of Energy.  We do it ALL THE TIME with our own thoughts.  Which is why for so long, nothing changed, nothing improved. Our internal dialogue went something like this: “they have too much power.  i don’t have the time/energy/knowledge/ability.  other’s can do it.”

etc. etc. etc.

Most of us know different though.  Know different.  DO different.

This court case involving the State against Heather Tucci-Jarraf, which I see as a case against you and me – all of us – and our right to freedom and sovereignty – has the controllers scrambling what to do.  Their desired outcomes are not turning out as planned.  Too many of us know.  Too many have awakened.  The Many have stood up and are taking back their power.  Plus we have some amazing very Powerful Beings at the helm of this, working diligently on our behalf to bring down this Ozland Curtain.

So let us intend they back down, drop these ridiculous, fraudulent charges, release Heather.  Release Randy (Randall Beane).  And grant us the rightful access to our TDA’s (Treasury Direct Accounts).  Whatever you wish to label them, this is money used to trade in OUR names using OUR personal identifying information.  Without permission.

The very definition of Fraud and Theft.

Intend a peaceful, righteous outcome vibrating in the Most High.

All Is Well for You and I.


Thank you~


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