Some Feels Put Into Words On The Event and Our Transition ~ An End of the “Year” Piece


I finished an e-mail exchange with my buddy Rick on the transition to the new realm.  The new earth.  The event.  Whatever label you wish to call it.

I found it very interesting that lately he has been wondering HOW this transition occurs.  Like myself, he has seen the new realm.  He’s seen his house (which is remarkably similar to the house I have seen my own family in).  We both feel we are in the same ‘hood, if that’s what you can call our new communities.  So I was intrigued when he said he was beginning to wonder HOW we transition as I began wondering this myself about 2-3 days ago.  I can even tell you where I was.  I was in the kitchen, walking to the food waste container when I thought “how do we transition”?

The old is crumbling for the new to be built.

Or has it already been built?

I have seen it.

My mate has seen it.

I just feel strongly it has already been built.  Created.

And it is not here.

NOWHERE in me do I feel this realm is going to be the New.

Not for me.  My “NEW” is elsewhere ~ similar but the energetic feel is different.

I feel no draw to the talk some share about building the new earth.  Cleaning up the mess of this one.  Starting new.  I just do not feel that will be my path.

I may be wrong of course so I remain open and ALLOW the Flow and Divine and All Of Me to be the navigator.  The only “thing” I allow and trust comes from the Divine Me.  However, all along and up until this very moment, I do not feel I will be staying in this new realm.  I can logically dismiss that.  I can question it.  The feeling though, remains.

I do not feel I will be with most of humanity either.  I have seen where I will be going.  It is very sparsely populated.

And it IS indeed divine to my heart and soul.

The energy is totally different.

It’s like the energy of those long beautiful bulges of spiking on the Schumann.  Just pure contentment.  It would take a lot to agitate me.  The ability to just flow and go and Be and let go ~ is really effortless when I am fully immersed in that energy field.

Practice, perhaps, for the new?

I am also being all but inundated with personal portal’s.  Today and tonight I saw two posts on social media referencing personal portal’s.  I saw a movie tonight that showed a flash from the central sun traveling throughout all aligned 9 planets, hitting the earth last.  Also saw a lot of portal’s in the movie as well as personal portal’s in a kiddo tv show.  So I am thinking perhaps there is more to the experience I had earlier this year ~ three of them ~ almost back to back ~ of a space out in front of my property where I saw a portal form ~ indeed a split in the realities.  In the one I was able to step through and into the new realm, right onto the road that holds the house I have seen.  I reached down, took my child’s hand, and we walked up the road until we arrived at the house.  There is sat, atop of the hill, rustic, rugged and vast.  Once we saw it, I smiled and was “tossed” out of the vision.  Brought back to “reality”.  Groan.  lol

Seriously though ~ finding real heart-felt value in this realm is getting difficult.  I.  Want.  New.  NEW NEW NEW NEW NOW NOW NOW NOW

The feeling is palpable.

I am fine with letting all of “this stuff” here go.

Although I have to say that there is a part of me that wishes to see all of these arrests take place so I can fully feel/see/say “ok they will never be allowed to harm humanity again ~ we’re good to go now”.

A saying my mate began stating awhile back ~ which resonates.

We’re good to go now.

For many of us, we are, aren’t we?


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