Final Event Energies Update

Editor’s note: I removed a few words here and there as they felt harsh and didn’t set well with me energetically.  To see the post in its entirety, click the link below.  

By Dima T., Mother & Father of All Creation and The First Contact Ground Crew Team, 12/07/2016

Greetings Love Beings!
Final Event Energies Update ~ New Earth Foundational Energies Have Been Placed

The Foundational Energies Have Been Placed.

The Light Cities, Crystal Schools Are A Done Deal. The Beings Choosing Love, Making it through the Shift, Are The Anchors Of Light For This Co-Creative Effort. They Are The Ones Who Will Be Downloaded Codes To Access All Of Love’s Gifts. Do you Choose Love or Fear? Do you Choose The Heart or the Ego Mind?

Sending Out Love To All Love Beings Choosing Love. So Much Is Happening At A Fast Rate.  Love Is Here. It’s Done. Done Deal. Signed Sealed and Delivered.

Special Message From Archangel Michael:
Those who are not Promoting, Feeling, Being in Unity Consciousness and not in the Heart, can not access or embrace the codes of unconditional Love for the incoming 12:12 Portal or the equinox. It’s that simple.  The mind cannot access these codes and prevents higher consciousness to be anchored. It is a program meant to keep all in lower consciousness. Holy Spirit, Love… is in Charge and Knows All Whom Have Chosen Love. Self-importance is the opposite of Unity Consciousness. It is not one and the same.  I wish to Re-Heart everyone, let go of all Belief Systems, as there are none in Heaven. Belief Systems are meant to give your power away. There is only Unconditional Love, which is all in your Hearts. Thank you for choosing Love and Being Love. WE are the Co-creators of the New Earth and succeeded in bringing forth Unity Consciousness for All of Creation. This was a Grand mission on multidimensional scale. Love Has Won!

Thank you to All Givers, Lovers and Beings of the Highest Light able to anchor in Love Everywhere Present for the Benefit of Gaia and All of Creation. Gifts And Magical Synchronistic Events Await!

Unconditional Love And Blessings To All
Get Your Portal On!

Dima T., Mother & Father of All Creation and The First Contact Ground Crew Team

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