A Fun Exercise ~ What Do We Imagine New Earth To Be?


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I was inspired to write this after hearing from one of you wonderful readers, saying it felt time now to focus solely on what we imagine New Earth/5D Gaia to be.  I think this is a very good idea.  I have written in the past about focusing on bringing this realm into our reality and what we imagine it to be.  I “feel” at this time the energies are much more supportive of this process.

For now, I will share what I have seen.  This is a repeat to some so please forgive me for that.  The first vision/dream goes back 10 years ~ this was long before I knew of “New Earth”.  I am in a large wooden house taking care of a group of kids.  All are in overalls.  I know one was mine – a girl (this was about 5 years prior to the birth of our daughter).  I feel different. New.  Very healthy and strong.  Content.  Free.  The energy of everything is different.  It is a very calm feel ~ and quite powerful in how palpable it is.

Outside the air is clean and smells wonderful.  Pure.  The house is surrounded by large pine trees.  The road out front is soft dirt.  I could not see other houses around although I know we have neighbors.  Just couldn’t see them from the house in this first experience.

The temperature is perfect – 70’s.  I sense a small downtown/town center to the right of the house, probably a mile away.

Inside the house has no furniture.  No wall hangings.  I am able to make peanut butter sandwiches for the kids simply by intending it.  I am amazed I have this ability.  I also feel I am just learning how to use it.  “Wow, I am manifesting all of this simply by using my thoughts!” I recall thinking as the Observer in the dream experience.

As I awakened, I knew this was more than a dream.  It was real.  I went someplace wonderful.  I set out to find it here in this realm.  I came up short each time I made this search.  I finally concluded where I was was not of or on this planet.

Two years later my mate had the same dream, down to the structure and the kids in the overalls.  I had not told him of my dream.  Like my feel, he too felt he was not on earth but rather on an earth-like planet/realm.

Since that time my mate has returned numerous times to explore the area (that’s who he is).  He has seen the ocean near our home.  I haven’t seen it but I have sensed it when I have returned.  Both of us have seen the dirt road and know it is the only kind of road there is.  No asphalt.  No concrete.  It is lovely!

There are small stores in town.  Mom and Pop types.  My mate has visited one a few times in his dream-state ~ it’s where he gets seeds.  There is no money exchanged.  You just go in and ask for what you want and it is given.

The one dream I recall where I visited the town I was in a diner.  I saw some very large hills close by ~ on the edge of town.  I was playing the piano for the diners.  There were about 10 people total inside.  It was wonderful. Small town, small community.  Quiet.  Serene.  I knew this was simply part of what I did in this new life of mine.

I have gone back to the house numerous times, both in the dream state and in my waking visions.  I have furnished it.  We have a food replicator, a door leading to a teleportation room, and this massive basement that I insist holds a flying craft.  We have both seen a large garden on our property as well as a creek.  In the last dream I had, I was standing in front of our beautiful, massive house.  There was a bit of snow on the ground.  I was so deeply content.  Deeply satisfied.  The feeling “there” is so palpable.  To my right was a very large covered wooden structure that held several cords of firewood.  I had on the same winter coat I currently have as well as an off-white pair of winter boots, which I did not own at the time.  That is until one day, weeks later, I was looking for a pair of winter boots and happened upon the exact pair of boots I had been wearing in my dream.  I now own them.  

It has been a very awesome surprise to learn others have had very similar experiences while in dream-state ~ down to the type and size of home, the smallness of the community AND the kids in overalls.  !!!

New Earth is Healed Earth.  Healed Humanity.  Free Humanity.

I am as ready as you are.  And I stand with you in bringing Her forth, in bringing us in Uniting with Her.  We wish to Go Home.

Let that moment be Now.

In gratitude~


What do YOU imagine New Earth to be?  Please share what you have seen and/or what you imagine/desire her to be?



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  1. I also have been to New Earth several times. I recall being there and building the home in 2013. I should actually say manifesting , because most was done in this manner. But myself being a carpenter , I still wanted to do certain things by hand. The hand work still gives you more satisfaction, to me anyways. The home itself is in a pine forest, it sits on a hill overlooking a good size lake. The front being mostly glass facing the lake, with a large deck. There is hardly any grass as it seems very wooded, with the only clearing being in front of the house, facing the lake. It has a picnic area out back with horse shoe pits , and a garden area in a small clearing. There is a small stream flowing threw the woods which goes into the lake. I notice when I am there, the feeling of total bliss comes over me. You can feel the connection with nature, it’s over powering there. The scents of the pines is relaxing. The animals that live in the woods are very friendly, and come to greet you. It’s like your surroundings are in communication with you, and you with them. Its truely amazing all we have taken for granted here, that all comes alive there. Lets keep it that way, and love our planet.

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