Getting Triggered?

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I am in the middle of reading an article, which you can find here, in which it is mentioned that many of us are getting very triggered right now on certain issues.  This triggering is said to be happening due to the collapsing timelines and is allowing us to fully release while also allowing for the previous timeline(s) in which this issue(s) existed to be dissolved.

Oooh, I thought.  I like the sounds of that!  Very resonating.

Instead of continuing on with my read, I was guided to do a little experiment that I wish to share with you.  It’s short and simple ~ the way I like such exercises (I get lost/bored when I engage in 5, 10, 15, etc. step processes).

I communicated with my Higher Self and asked her how SHE wished me to look at my particular trigger.

Immediately I received an answer.

I then asked how I could transform the energy and heal.

Again, an immediate answer.

(Higher Self is obviously every bit as ready to heal from this one particular trigger issue as am I!)

Give it a try and if you are comfortable, let me know of your experience and/or success.

This moment was also a very beautiful moment of synchronicity as I had also finished reading a piece on listening to our Intuition (which I will be posting here in a bit).  While reading the list, I mentally added my own way my Intuition communicates with me and that is often through articles I read.

The next article I was is the one referenced above.


Love The Universe.  Love Her Flow.





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