Gift From Sacred Tree


On my walk this afternoon, I decided to stop in and see my tree.  Like yesterday, I had this feeling there was no need to walk over to her.  It wasn’t as though she was saying “go away” – but today, the experience was one of I no longer needed to receive messages or validation from her. I have “graduated” from that need.  The only Being – human or otherwise – that I need to seek guidance from is Me.

Interesting too as I am listening to the last few minutes of the Cosmic Awakening Show with Michelle Walling and her friend Sonya and they are speaking as to this phenomena.  After this last shift in late August (eclipse), we no longer need to search outside of ourselves for answers. Not that we no longer need one another.  It is now that we can find what we need for ourselves within.  Tune into that and follow what flows.

I blew my tree a kiss, gave her thanks and went on my way.

And so it is.


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3 thoughts on “Gift From Sacred Tree”

  1. Namasté greetings and every blessing to you and all loved by you Victoria, gratitude and thank you for sharing the light and journey as we all grow breath by breath into oneness freedom and eternal love, abundance to you from the tip of mama afrika, lovexpressed, Derek

  2. Namasté greetings love star Victoria, Gratitude for your light and love shared as breath by breath we ascend into the oneness of unconditional love and freedom.

    keep blazing lovexpressed


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