Goddess Energy and the Power of Words

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Words have power.

Those words vibrate at a certain frequency.

That frequency then radiates outward and creates.

As a woman, while I understand the anger and strong emotions of the “pussy” and “nasty women” movement – their use of language is appalling to me.

And it is going to do nothing – NOTHING – to uplift us as a collective Goddess. ┬áIt serves the dark – nothing more, nothing less.

Goddess does not speak words like this.

Goddess speaks gentle yet strong words of purity and love and NEVER speaks down about herself and NEVER uses words that are dark and negative and of low vibrations.

YES we need the rise of the Goddess again to balance out the gross over-use of the Masculine.

And She is here.

However, we MUST unite in our FEMININITY and take back our Power and Make The Feminine Divine again. That is the ONLY authentic path to take to our freedom to our empowerment.

We owe it to ourselves.

We owe it to our daughters.

We can do better.

We MUST do better.


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