Going Back 18 Years


My brother sent me a copy of an e-mail I sent him back in September of 1999 ~ 18 years ago.  I had opened up to him at the time about some of the visions I held for a different world/society/way of being.  At the time I was not sure how I would go about being part of such a movement.  It is interesting to me today to see my own words, in particular my thoughts on money in which I stated I had visions for a society without money.

18 years later and I have this site and I am witnessing a mass movement away from a monetary-based society.  What a divine gift, a moment of validation for not only my own visions I am seeing manifest, but to see how those visions have remained firm in my heart all these years.  I never gave up.

And I never will.

Here is an excerpt:

really difficult for me in many ways to live in the world and do the normal thing.  work m-f.  marriage.  kids.  don’t get me wrong.  i want fulfilling work.  to marry again.  have a child.  but i’ve always felt this inner restlessness to do more – and to do it all MY way.  i completely believe and feel the thoughts and visions i’ve had can bring people together.  …  one is the elimination of money.  …  i’ve just always felt currency as we know it has got to go.  

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