Good-Bye 3D Linear Time


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A few days ago, (whatever a “day” means), I read an entry on my facebook page where the poster said linear time was gone.  We are in the higher frequencies of the 5th dimension.  Now obviously I have no means of measuring this with science.

I can, however, use my body.  And my body is telling me time is speeding up so dramatically right now, I feel like a whirlwind, spinning faster and faster, until we hit the zero point moment and all just IS.  That is the most solid, strongest impression in my body of what is really happening.

And oh, I am SO ready!

I can no longer use the calendar to tell you about the weather.  The calendar says November.  The temperatures and weather/nature tell me January.  My body, in particular my cycles, are going faster than normal.  Yes, I am at that “age” where things change, but this is ridiculous.  And besides, I keep intending my body to stay as is – hold on – until the switch.  Just not and honestly never has felt in my reality to do the MP thing.

Then there is the internal experience of feeling this massive swirling within. Things are processing for me ridiculously fast ~ which I love.  I awoke itching on my hands and on my belly.  Itching = anger.  So I processed, felt, allowed and was able to move the anger into sadness, where it is now sitting on my heart.  Obviously need to do more work so full processing is not immediate – yet – but transforming it was easier and quicker.

And finally, there is the experience of day to day living.  I get up, next thing I know it’s time to get an idea for dinner then time to go to sleep.  I began noticing this about a year and a half ago – it seemed to ease up – and recently it has returned with a force not yet experienced.

The word of the times for now is “allow”.  And some forgiveness is also a nice way to wrap up this whole experience.

Ya’ll just Be.  



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