On Greed ~ I State To Source: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH


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A neighbors house went up for sale 7 days ago.  What we witnessed was nothing short of sickening.  Herds of locusts (people) rampaged the place by the hour.  Hour after hour.  Day after day.  At times until late in the evening.  Lines of people at times. Those with the mostest getting the bestest.



Housing is our Sovereign Right.

So says Source.

So says Victoria.

And no one argues with either.

Let the TRUTH of ALL that has been hidden from us be revealed NOW for ALL TO SEE.

Go Time is NOW.

This is Source in Victoria stating:  GREED ENDS NOW

Return to our Sovereignty begins NOW.

The debt enslavement and pay-to-live corruption ends NOW.


Not tomorrow.  But NOW.

Time is up.

Freedom for all.

Sovereignty for all.


I command it so.

I request you do the same.

Share it.

Link it.

Chant it daily.



Just do it.

Thank you.

Standing in my Sovereignty…

Reverence to you all~



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