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taken from my facebook page…needing an unbelievable amount of sleep at the moment….off to zzzzz now


Gregg Prescott

QUICK ENERGY UPDATE: Oct 30, 2017 – D R A I N E D !!! The last few days, I’ve needed a lot of sleep, plus naps! When I’m awake, I feel GREAT but the call for sleep overrides that feeling. 

We’re entering a Full Moon on November 4th and many energy sensitives and empaths will begin to feel this a few days beforehand. In our dreams, we become multidimensional and can carry out many different jobs while in the sleep state. 

ALSO: You may be experiencing drastic MOOD SWINGS. For no reason, you may find yourself crying or feeling like you want to cry. 

Listen to your body… it knows what’s best for you on so many different levels 

Gregg Prescott, M.S.

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